Installing the Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

Project: Loft Conversion, Episode 8, Part 2

The men of steel are here! Stainless steel countertops get welded together on site for the restaurant style kitchen. Bob tours the fabrication shop in Weymouth, MA, where all the countertops were custom-made from sheet steel and tubing. Back on-site, Bob helps contractor Joel Scanlon attach a heavy-duty butcher block table top to its custom-made steel base.
Part 1: Fabricating Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops
Part 2: Installing the Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops
Bob observes Bob Watts weld together the stainless steel kitchen countertops on-site.
Part 3: Butcher Block Installation and Care
Bob Vila highlights the world of stylish city living by chronicling the conversion of a loft apartment in Boston's Leather District. This unit is getting a top-of-the-line treatment: cutting edge design, custom-made furniture and casework, sleek modern fixtures, and up-to-date appliances.

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