Discussing Different Types of Light

Project: Loft Conversion, Episode 10, Part 2

With the electricians getting started on lighting at the loft project, Bob takes a look at how track lighting gets put together. Lighting designer Markus Earley gives Bob a tour of Lightolier's Tech Center in Fall River, MA, a working model that demonstrates the power of light to change the mood of a space. Back at the loft, an extra large mirror, a backlit shelf, and glass partitions for the shower stall are all installed.
Part 1: Lighting Design Discussed
Part 2: Discussing Different Types of Light
Bob meets with lighting designer Markus Earley, who explains the differences between various types of lights. Then, Bob also meets with Tony Zwain, who explains how electricity is distributed throughout the building.
Part 3: Installing a Mirror and Glasswork
Bob Vila highlights the world of stylish city living by chronicling the conversion of a loft apartment in Boston's Leather District. This unit is getting a top-of-the-line treatment: cutting edge design, custom-made furniture and casework, sleek modern fixtures, and up-to-date appliances.

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