Home Construction Project Plans

Project: Accessible Home, Episode 1, Part 3

Bob introduces the nine-unit affordable housing project in Roxbury, MA, by touring the neighborhood with the community-based developers from Nuestra Comunidad CDC.

Bob shows that here, as is often the case in urban construction projects, soil decontamination is taking place at the same time as foundation excavation.

At another site, we meet Arnold Johnson and George Chin, contractors for the accessible hour the job, who show Bob around a unit that's already been framed.
Part 1: Tour of Roxbury, Massachusetts
Part 2: Tour of Nuestro Communidad Community Redevelopment Project
Part 3: Home Construction Project Plans
Bob meets with Arnold Johnson and George Chin (from Crosswinds Enterprises) to find out about the type of construction that will be implemented in building the accessible home project.
This project follows an urban renewal story, involving grass-roots activism and affordable housing. Bob Vila reports on nine newly built three-bedroom homes, including one with accessibility for people with disabilities.

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