Steel Kitchen Table

Project: Kitchen Remodel, Episode 10, Part 3

After a brief progress report, Bob reviews progress in the back yard, where Juan Capote and crew are planting the new palms that will shield the house from the neighbors. Bob also takes a trip to the Pompano Beach workshop, where Rick Rogers is creating a countertop masterpiece with a product called Surell (by Formica).
Part 1: Project Update on the Patio and Kitchen
Part 2: Surell Counterop Construction
Part 3: Steel Kitchen Table
Bob meets with contractor Ed Weller, who explains how the steel-framed kitchen table will support a surface of Surell, and also how the table will be mounted.
This project features the remodeling and expansion of the kitchen and family room of a 15-year-old suburban Miami tract house. Innovative and fun projects include walls built using insulated concrete forms, stucco application, and glass block walls.

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