Attic Insulation

Project: Craftsman Bungalow, Episode 10, Part 3

Installation of the architect's Craftsman-style custom light grids begins with the electrician tackling the back lights. Bob heads around the block to James Thomas Stained Glass to see how the glass aspects are cut and put together. Back on site, the whole grid comes together for a sensational living room feature. The homeowner and architect, Gavin, explains his native Australian concept for the roof insulation, which ensures the house won't need air conditioning, even in summer.
Part 1: Installing Rope Lights
Part 2: Making Stained Glass Windows
Part 3: Attic Insulation
Australian-born architect and homeowner, Gavin Langley, shows Bob how attics are insulated in his home country. "Down under," insulation is installed between rafters and above the ceiling. This arrangement reduces summer heat gain, while reducing winter heat loss. Here, the ceiling gets a six-inch layer of R-19 fiberglass insulation. Bob and Gavin also discuss the budget.
Part 4: Installing Light Panels
Bob Vila oversees the remodel of a Craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles, CA. It's a vintage kit house, purchased from a Sears & Roebuck catalog in 1923 and built in Hollywood. Working with contractors, Bob helps restore the home's thoughtful details while adding improvements fit for the owners' modern lifestyle.

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