Framing the Winding Staircase

Project: Malibu Beach House, Episode 5, Part 3

Bob and Joe discuss the structural work being done on the Malibu house, as well as California's stringent building codes for earthquake safety. Next, Bob visits the unusual home of TV star Max Gail for some intriguing design ideas. Back at the site, carpenters put together a graceful windding staircase.
Part 1: Incorporating California Building Code
Part 2: The Unusual Home of TV Star Max Gail
Part 3: Framing the Winding Staircase
Bob meets the framing sub-contractor, Ron Gates, and the two discuss framing the 18-step winding staircase, as well as the work of framing, in general.
Bob Vila transforms a California beach house on stilts into an elegant Spanish-style villa, worthy of its glamorous location—Malibu. Projects include an elegant winding staircase, a state-of-the-art sprinkler system, environmentally friendly blown-in cellulose insulation, and seismic code compliance.

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