Tour of the Media Room, Kitchen, and Living Room

Project: Malibu Beach House, Episode 13, Part 2

Bob and the interior designer, Robyn, take a final tour of the finished California-Spanish dream house, complete with breathtaking finishes and furniture. From the tiled courtyard-- with palms and a fountain-- to the antiqued woodwork and spectacular ocean views, a surprise visit from Pamela Anderson makes this an episode sure to knock your socks off!
Part 1: Touring the Courtyard and Meeting Pamela Anderson
Part 2: Tour of the Media Room, Kitchen, and Living Room
Bob and interior designer Robyn Peterson tour the finished, furnished California-Spanish beach house in Malibu. The media room has an Old West theme. The kitchen is elegant yet informal. And accents from South America can be found in the living room.
Part 3: Malibu Master Bedroom Tour
Bob Vila transforms a California beach house on stilts into an elegant Spanish-style villa, worthy of its glamorous location—Malibu. Projects include an elegant winding staircase, a state-of-the-art sprinkler system, environmentally friendly blown-in cellulose insulation, and seismic code compliance.

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