Installing an Oil-Fired Boiler for the New Home Addition

Project: Master Bedroom, Episode 10, Part 2

State-of-the-art cabinetmaking is underway at Paul Morse's workshop. Morse and Bob are putting together a custom vanity for the new master bathroom. On site, the vanity is installed and finished with a sink top. Last, Bob looks over the new boiler for the addition, which has been installed in the basement and connected to the new vinyl plumbing.
Part 1: Adding Adjustable Legs and Toekick to the Bathroom Vanity
Part 2: Installing an Oil-Fired Boiler for the New Home Addition
Bob meets Jack O'Leary, the plumbing and heating contractor for the Newton, MA project. Since the house has doubled in size with the neaddition, the old heating unit would no longer suffice and was replaced by an oil-fired boiler.
Part 3: Solid-Surface Bathroom Vanity Top Installation
Part 4: Discussing the Budget
A master bedroom suite in a compact 1930s Colonial Revival home in suburban Newton, MA, gets a makeover. Bob Vila details the process of building the foundation, from forming and cement pouring to inspection and backfilling. Also, Bob sees how the interior baseboard molding and window trim is milled to match what exists in the rest of the home.

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