Pouring Concrete for the Foundation

Project: Dream Garage and Boat Storage, Episode 2, Part 3

Work on the garage foundation continues. Also, Bob takes a tour of an antique car museum, housed in an old Shaker-style round barn at Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, MA. Back on site, concrete is poured into the completed formwork.
Part 1: Discussing the Poured-In Concrete Insulated Form System
Part 2: Tour of the Automobile Collection at the Heritage Plantation
Part 3: Pouring Concrete for the Foundation
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the pouring of concrete into Styrofoam forms for the foundation. The mix is slightly more liquid than most. While the increased flowability does not compromise strength, it helps eliminate cavities in the pour.
This innovative and functional post-and-beam barn structure is designed to provide space to store, and perform work on, boats and cars. Bob Vila takes us through the story,which centers around creating a state-of-the-art, ergonomically efficient, well-lit, and safe environment.

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