Plywood Testing Facilities Tour

Project: Dream Garage and Boat Storage, Episode 7, Part 3

After a quick progress report on the insideof the barn, Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley install a new Pella window and trim it out. Also, exterior trim work and siding are underway.

Bob takes a tour of the American Plywood Association laboratory in Seattle, WA to see how these products are tested for quality and consistency.
Part 1: Vinyl Window Installation
Part 2: Working With Exterior Trim
Part 3: Plywood Testing Facilities Tour
Bob tours the American Plywood Association testing facilities with Tom Williamson, the Executive Vice President of Engineered Wood Systems. Tom explains the different tests that exist for different types of plywood.
This innovative and functional post-and-beam barn structure is designed to provide space to store, and perform work on, boats and cars. Bob Vila takes us through the story,which centers around creating a state-of-the-art, ergonomically efficient, well-lit, and safe environment.

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