Hanging Drywall Inside the Skylight

Project: Dream Garage and Boat Storage, Episode 8, Part 3

After the Velux skylights are put in, the new metal roofing from ATAS is installed around them. The standing-seam steel shingle roofing system is coated for durability and resistance to weather. Inside the barn, drywall is applied.
Part 1: Installing Velux Skylights
Part 2: Standing-Seam Metal-Shingled Roof Installation
Part 3: Hanging Drywall Inside the Skylight
Bob interviews drywall contractor Mark Richardson, as he hangs drywall inside a skylight and attaches the corner bead.
This innovative and functional post-and-beam barn structure is designed to provide space to store, and perform work on, boats and cars. Bob Vila takes us through the story,which centers around creating a state-of-the-art, ergonomically efficient, well-lit, and safe environment.

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