Plaster and Cornice Work

Project: Federal-Style Home, Episode 5, Part 1

With the antique plaster cornice work repaired, the mason demonstrates how to blend the joints between the cornice and the new drywall. Also, Bob takes a field trip to Millford Plantation, a spectacular Greek Revival governor's mansion with echoes of the Civil War still ringing through its halls. Back at the site, salvaged glass doors are incorporated into the new custom kitchen cabinets.
Part 1: Plaster and Cornice Work
Bob joins restoration contractor Richard Marks to see how the existing plaster and cornice work is blended with the new drywall.
Part 2: Tour of Millford Plantation
Part 3: Built-in-Place Kitchen Cabinets
Bob Vila tackles the revitalization of an exquisite Federal-style home, built in the early 1800s, which survived the Civil War but barely survived Hurricane Hugo in 1989. A major aspect of the project is the painstaking process of restoring the original plaster ornamentation and woodwork to their original detail.

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