Foundation Layout

Project: Greenhouse, Episode 2, Part 1

Bob surveys the newly excavated foundation layout and sees the concrete poured along a special conveyor belt to make the footings. Bob then travels to New York City to experience a large-scale, world-class greenhouse, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
Part 1: Foundation Layout
The foundation has been hand-dug and the forms laid for the footings. Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the layout of the greenhouse foundation and framing.
Part 2: Brooklyn Botanical Garden Tour
Part 3: Pouring the Concrete Foundation
Bob Vila heads to Cape Cod in the dead of winter to watch over the construction of a custom, high-tech greenhouse. The design and construction of a new addition to the front of an existing house afforded the creation of this conservatory and of a new front entry pavilion that features a mahogany pergola supported by limestone columns.

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