Wiring the Victorian Home

Project: Victorian, Episode 8, Part 1

Bob looks over the installation of both blown-in and high-density insulation at the Martha's Vineyard project house. The electrician explains some basic wiring, the septic system is installed, and the porch railing is put in.
Part 1: Wiring the Victorian Home
Bob joins electrician Greg Roulette as he works on the rough wiring. The circuit breaker panel, Greg explains, is a receptacle for ground, neutral, and hot wires, which are all "made up" within the box.
Part 2: Creating the Porch Railings and Balusters
Part 3: Insulating the Victorian
Bob Vila tackles a remodeling and construction project on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The expansion of the cabin transforms a tiny vacation home into a spacious family retreat with an authentic 'Vineyard Victorian' look.

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