Touring "Old Ironsides"

Project: Ranch Expansion, Episode 3, Part 2

Bob reviews the process of framing the new first floor layout, then takes a tour of another project in the works: the U.S.S. Constitution, in drydock for repairs in Boston Harbor. Returning to Wayland, contractor Bob Ryley explains how the rafters are cut for the new roof.
Part 1: Framing the First Floor
Part 2: Touring "Old Ironsides"
Bob meets with a project manager for the restoration of the U.S.S. Constitution, "Old Ironsides", dry-docked in Boston Harbor. They review the 21-inch-thick hull walls, the timbers in the keel, and the copper plating on the outside of the hull.
Part 3: Home Addition and Construction Timeline
Part 4: Raising Gable Ends and Cutting Rafters
Bob takes on the expansion of a 35 year-old ranch house in Wayland, MA. With an eye on the budget, projects include European kitchen cabinets, a state-of-the-art closet system for the master bedroom, custom built-in bookshelves, an eye-catching fan detail on the front façade, and a private deck off the master bedroom.

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