Constructing a Custom-Recessed Bulkhead Door

Project: Ranch Expansion, Episode 17, Part 3

The plumber installs a double sink vanity in the kids' bathroom. Bob goes on a field trip to Miami for a look around the grounds of Vizcaya, the breathtaking Italianate palazzo built before the age of income taxes. Back at the site, contractor Larry Landers and the crew cleverly conceal a bulkhead door beneath the farmer's porch.
Part 1: Installing the Lavatory
Part 2: Touring Vizcaya
Part 3: Constructing a Custom-Recessed Bulkhead Door
Contractor Larry Landers builds a trapdoor to enable access to the old bulkhead from outside. Sheet lead flashing and an ice-and-water barrier are used to waterproof the trapdoor. To give the door stability, four pressure-treated cleats are used.
Bob takes on the expansion of a 35 year-old ranch house in Wayland, MA. With an eye on the budget, projects include European kitchen cabinets, a state-of-the-art closet system for the master bedroom, custom built-in bookshelves, an eye-catching fan detail on the front fa├žade, and a private deck off the master bedroom.

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