Installing New Bathroom Fixtures

Project: Split-Level Ranch, Episode 4, Part 2

Bob must deal with an overloaded septic system by replacing the old clogged tank and leach field. Since the bathroom has already been gutted, plumbers begin to install new fixtures. Contractor Bob Ryley demonstrates how to install a 48-pane window in the front addition. Bob also consults with a landscape architect, who shares ideas about dressing up the yard.
Part 1: Replacing the Septic System
Part 2: Installing New Bathroom Fixtures
Since the bathroom has been gutted, plumbers begin to install new fixtures.
Part 3: Reviewing the Landscape
Bob Vila is in Plymouth, MA, to oversee the remodel of a worn-out, 17-year-old raised ranch with problems familiar to many homeowners. The façade is re-sided and repainted, windows are replaced, and a new entry is built. Inside, the new bath and kitchen, which are added, provide the project highlights.

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