Altering Landscape Plans

Project: Split-Level Ranch, Episode 12, Part 2

Bob builds a dining room plate rack from scratch and finishes it with an antique paint job. Bob has decided on some landscape changes, so they begin to transplant shrubs, plant perennials, and sod the lawn. Also, Bob hunts for a carpet for the living room, while trying to get the best value.
Part 1: Building and Painting a Plate Rack
Part 2: Altering Landscape Plans
With Bob having decided to alter the landscape design, shrubs are transplanted and perennials are planted. Plus, sodding goes down to create a grass lawn.
Part 3: Choosing a Living Room Carpet
Bob Vila is in Plymouth, MA, to oversee the remodel of a worn-out, 17-year-old raised ranch with problems familiar to many homeowners. The façade is re-sided and repainted, windows are replaced, and a new entry is built. Inside, the new bath and kitchen, which are added, provide the project highlights.

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