Building a Free-Floating Deck

Project: Cracker Cottage, Episode 6, Part 3

Bob replaces the old jalousie windows on the breakfast porch. Next, the flooring for a new shower goes down, the rough plumbing goes in and a new base and drain are installed.
Part 1: Replacing Windows at Low-Cost
Part 2: Installing a New Plumbing Trap
Part 3: Building a Free-Floating Deck
Due to flood plain regulations, the deck cannot be attached to the house-- it has to be free-floating. Bob helps the contractors set up the posts and joists, and assists in laying down the tongue-and-groove pine floor material.
Bob Vila rejuvenates a modest but classic Florida house, focusing on light, ventilation, and outdoor living. Projects include opening walls, improving air conditioning and ventilation, blowing in some insulation, and putting in a new entry.

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