Replacing the Toilet

Project: Two-Family Greystone, Episode 7, Part 3

Bob goes downtown to the Merchandise Mart to see a selection of bathroom fixtures at K & B Galleries with Susan Kaiser. Back at the greystone project, plumber Dan Macias replaces an old toilet with a new, high-efficiency toilet. General contractor Ron Gan talks about 'bricking in' for and installation of a smaller bathroom window.
Part 1: Bricking In a Window
Part 2: The Merchandise Mart
Part 3: Replacing the Toilet
Plumber Dan Macias replaces the old toilet with a new, high-efficiency model.
Bob Vila tracks the progress of a two-family greystone in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood that is undergoing renovation. The project documents a low-budget upgrade of the building's two apartments and concludes with a decorator's tour showcasing the eye-catching results.

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