Plant Care

Types of  Avocado Plants

Here are three types you might enjoy growing indoors: - Day - Mexicola - Wurtz

Since avocado is highly susceptible to root rot, keep it in soil that drains very well and that has a pH between 6 and 6.5. A cactus and citrus potting mix that contains sand is one possibility.

Mature avocado trees need full sun, so they should be placed near a large south-facing window or in a greenhouse or sunroom.

Watering  Avocado Plants

Keep your avocado’s soil lightly but evenly moist during the spring and summer months. During autumn and winter, when root rot is more common, don’t water the plant again until its potting mix has dried out an inch beneath the surface.

Setting the Temp.  and Humidity

If you move your plant outdoors for the summer, you should bring it back in before temperatures fall below 50 degrees outdoors and before the indoor air becomes dry due to central heating.

Propagating  Avocado Plants

The avocado seed-in-water experiment for growing avocado uses a glass of water and toothpicks to hold the seed on the glass. However, keep in mind that it actually is easier to start with soil, so you don’t have to transfer the “little sprout” to a pot later.