Decorative Painting Techniques With B. Smith

Project: Habitat for Humanity, Episode 12, Part 1

Special guest B. Smith drops in to help with the interior design of the children's bedroom, by applying a colorful wainscot pattern along the wall (a project parents and kids can do together).

Carpenter Bob Ryley talks to Ken Frankel (from Lucent Technologies) about the Homestar wiring system, a high-speed cable and internet connection. And, finally, it's back to the community of Civano in Tuscon, AZ to look at some alternative construction methods.
Part 1: Decorative Painting Techniques With B. Smith
Bob looks on as decorator B. Smith paints a lavender stripe pattern in the girl's bedroom of the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build project house in Yonkers, NY.
Part 2: Networking, Entertainment, and Security Wiring for the Home
Bob Vila introduces the latest in sustainable materials and efficient building techniques on a Habitat for Humanity build. This project documents a five-day process that transformed an empty lot into a snug, comfortable, and sustainable home in Yonkers, NY.

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