Marble Countertop Installation

Project: Loft Conversion, Episode 7, Part 3

Bob and plumber Elie Ghazali install some cutting-edge Kohler plumbing fixtures in the bathroom: an electrically powered full-body shower tower and a dual-speed pressurized toilet. The rest of the loft is getting a beautiful, easy-care engineered Pergo wood laminate floor in both beech and cherry finishes.
Part 1: Pergo Floor Installation
Part 2: Kohler Shower Installation
Part 3: Marble Countertop Installation
Bob checks in with Greg Rockland, the plumber installing a marble countertop, supported by stainless steel brackets. Meanwhile, Eli is installing an electric toilet, and he explains how to properly install a wax ring seal for the toilet. (The toilet is a powerflush unit, in that it pumps water into the bowl, and flushes at a rate of 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush). Also, a very unique spun glass sink is installed on the marble countertop.
Bob Vila highlights the world of stylish city living by chronicling the conversion of a loft apartment in Boston's Leather District. This unit is getting a top-of-the-line treatment: cutting edge design, custom-made furniture and casework, sleek modern fixtures, and up-to-date appliances.

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