Building a Handicapped Access Ramp

Project: Accessible Home, Episode 7, Part 3

With four of the nine affordable single-family units in the Roxbury development nearing completion, landscaping contractor Janet Cox shares her plans for their yards. To that end, Frank Santos arrives with four truckloads of specially engineered loam.

Bob helps anchor the new modular stair system into the bulkhead foundation and reviews the new kitchen cabinets.

Carpenter Bob Ryley and contractor George build the ramp for the front porch of the accessible unit.
Part 1: Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Front Yard
Part 2: Installing Steel Stair Stringers for the Bulkhead
Part 3: Building a Handicapped Access Ramp
Carpenter Bob Ryley builds a handicapped access ramp for the accessible home in the Roxbury development.
This project follows an urban renewal story, involving grass-roots activism and affordable housing. Bob Vila reports on nine newly built three-bedroom homes, including one with accessibility for people with disabilities.

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