Constructing Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves

Project: Kitchen Remodel, Episode 13, Part 2

Bob tours the interior for a look at how the tropical theme has come to life in the family room. He also sees how the spa, grill, mosaics, and extraordinary shapes of the space come together to complete the project.
Part 1: Installing a Sod Lawn
Part 2: Constructing Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves
Bob and Ed Weller check out the kitchen pantry and the open shelves made of Surell. To maintain a clean look, the Surell shelves are installed without any visible cleats or supports.
Part 3: Constructing a Patio Lanai
This project features the remodeling and expansion of the kitchen and family room of a 15-year-old suburban Miami tract house. Innovative and fun projects include walls built using insulated concrete forms, stucco application, and glass block walls.

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