Reviewing the Pergola Design

Project: Greenhouse, Episode 5, Part 1

Contractor Bob Ryley begins framing the new entry pavilion, which will serve as the transition between the greenhouse and the interior. The pavilion will feature a specially designed mahogany pergola supported by four limestone columns. Next, Bob tours the Indiana Limestone factory, where the columns used in the addition were quarried and cut. Back on site, the heating and ventilating system is installed.
Part 1: Reviewing the Pergola Design
Bob checks on the progress of the greenhouse construction and examines the framing of the pergola roof.
Part 2: Indiana Limestone Factory Tour
Part 3: HVAC System for the Greenhouse
Bob Vila heads to Cape Cod in the dead of winter to watch over the construction of a custom, high-tech greenhouse. The design and construction of a new addition to the front of an existing house afforded the creation of this conservatory and of a new front entry pavilion that features a mahogany pergola supported by limestone columns.

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