Score $388 Off Our Favorite Robotic Pool Cleaner During the October Prime Day Event!

Enjoy a pristine pool all season long with this smart cleaning tool at a smart price.
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Close up of Apier Seagull robotic pool cleaner

Apier Seagull robotic pool cleaner Photo: Stephanie Cronk for Bob Vila

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Nothing takes the fun out of taking a dip in your pool like stepping in tree debris or slimy algae. Cleaning a pool can be a chore that limits your swimming time. That’s why we can’t get enough of robotic pool cleaners. Now, one of our favorites from testing the best models is in the sale event of the season: Aiper Seagull Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner is $388 off for the final day of Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days.

Persona turning control dial on Apier Seagull robotic pool cleaner
Photo: Stephanie Cronk for Bob Vila

We loved the convenience of the cordless Aiper Seagull Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner. Whether it’s above ground or inground,  in rain or shine, the Aiper has the power and suction to clean your pool and keep it swim-ready all season long. Its advanced navigation and scanning capabilities allow it to efficiently map and clean your pool, regardless of its shape or size. Then the intelligent algorithms ensure thorough coverage, leaving no spot untouched. The easy-to-use control panel allows you to select cleaning modes and set schedules, giving you full control over the cleaning process. You can even operate it remotely using the intuitive mobile app, so you can clean your pool even when you’re not at home.

Our tester, Stephanie Cronk, enjoyed its user-friendly features, including a clear charge indicator on the cleaning dial, a pole hook to retrieve it from the pool, fast charging time, and its extensive cleaning time—up to 3 hours. Cronk found that the Aiper’s quad-motor moved through her pool quickly, easily clearing and cleaning debris and grime thanks to its powerful dual scrubbing brushes.

Person removing filter from Apier Seagull robotic pool cleaner
Photo: Stephanie Cronk for Bob Vila

She also loved that there was no power adapter to protect in inclement weather, noting, “We could set the cleaner up and leave the house on a humid day without the worry of a pop-up rain shower or thunderstorm ruining the power adapter.” Talk about stress-free cleaning!

With its exceptional performance, intelligent features, and unbeatable convenience, it’s the perfect addition to any pool owner’s cleaning caddy. Spend more time in the pool and less time cleaning it with the Aiper Seagull—and save $388 until midnight, 12am PT on October 11.

Get the Aiper Seagull Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner at Amazon for $611 (Save $388).

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The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on October 11, 2023.