The Best Driveway Paving Companies of 2023

Homeowners can rely on one of the best driveway paving companies to ensure their driveways are appropriately leveled and have adequate drainage.

Best Overall

U.S. Pavement Services

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The Best Driveway Paving Companies Option The Home Depot

The Home Depot

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Best Aggregator

The Best Driveway Paving Companies Option Angi


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Gravel and dirt driveways are highly susceptible to freezing and erosion. When the weather is warmer, heavy rain can create divots, ruts, and potholes—and even cause large parts of the driveway to sink. During the colder months of the year, ice can form on any areas of the driveway that are not properly graded, which can cause the surface of the driveway to split and shift. Even wheel tracks can create divots that prevent water from draining away from the driveway.

Hiring driveway contractors to install a newly paved driveway is a great way to avoid the costly repairs and ongoing maintenance of a dirt or gravel driveway. Paving companies can install driveways to suit any home, and many asphalt contractors also take on smaller projects, like putting in concrete floors or slabs for a shed or garage. And for those who already have paved driveways, hiring one of the best driveway paving companies can ensure that any repairs or repaving are done perfectly. Homeowners can keep reading to find out more about driveway paving and research the best driveway paving companies in the area.

  1. BEST OVERALL: U.S. Pavement Services
  2. RUNNER-UP: The Home Depot
  4. ALSO CONSIDER: Thumbtack
The Best Driveway Paving Companies Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Driveway Paving Companies

Homeowners won’t want to default to the first driveway installers that come up on a search for “paving companies near me.” A driveway will last for many years, so it’s essential to research paving contractors to ensure a quality driveway installation or repair. Homeowners will want to consider a company’s service area, availability, paving materials, licensing, insurance, and warranties to find the top driveway companies for repairs and installations.

Service Area and Scheduling

While homeowners are looking for a top driveway paving company to repair or install a new driveway, it’s necessary to consider where the companies are located and the extent of the service area. Most driveway paving contractors are relatively localized technicians that may list their services on Google or other aggregator sites. Interested customers can narrow search results to contractors that work within their area or look for an established paving company with a broad service area that includes their city or town.

Talking to the contractor or customer service representative about scheduling is also important. Homeowners can ask about the days and hours the paving contractors work and find out how long it will take to book the appointment. Homeowners can also ask for an estimate of how long the project will take.

Paving Materials

Not every driveway paving contractor works with every type of paving material. Some companies may only lay driveway pavers or pour asphalt for new driveway installations. If there is a specific paving material that a customer wants for their driveway, it’s necessary to speak to the contractor or customer service staff to determine if the company carries or can source the material.

Larger paving companies often have access to a broader variety of materials, allowing customers to choose between asphalt, concrete, brick, stamped concrete, or pavers. Some customers may be restricted to certain materials due to community requirements, so homeowners will want to check any restrictions before planning a driveway installation project.

Licensing and Insurance

Finding a knowledgeable, experienced paving contractor is the first step to getting a long-lasting, durable driveway at home. While searching for a reliable contractor, homeowners can look for companies or independent contractors that are licensed, insured, and bonded. Typically, pavement contractors hold general engineering licenses, which means they have demonstrated specialized engineering knowledge and skill related to paving and surfacing work.

Having an insured contractor isn’t as much about the skill of the company or individual as it is about liability and coverage. An insured contractor can work with their insurance company to handle compensation if something happens on the jobsite, like property damage or a worker injury. Companies or independent contractors that are not insured may not be able to resolve property damage situations as quickly and, in the event of an injury, may even pursue compensation from the customer if the homeowner is found liable to some degree.


Another factor for homeowners to consider when they are looking for a driveway paving company is whether the company guarantees the installation with a warranty. Most paving contractors will have a warranty that protects the customer against poor-quality work, or insurance that protects the customer in case of property damage. Homeowners can check any potential contractors or paving companies to discuss the exact terms of the warranty before hiring them to complete the job.

For instance, some companies may offer a money-back guarantee if the work is not completed as initially agreed upon. Other companies may have material warranties that cover the repair or replacement of faulty materials. Even most aggregator services will have certain guarantees they uphold, so customers can feel confident knowing that the aggregator service will back their claim if a job with a contractor hired through the aggregator doesn’t go well.

Our Top Picks

Now that homeowners are aware of the most pressing factors to consider when hiring a driveway paving company, it’s time to learn about the companies and services that are available to take on a driveway project right now.

Best Overall

U.S. Pavement Services

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  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Phone; quote request available online
  • Warranty: Not specified


  • 24-hour emergency service available
  • Comprehensive employee training
  • In-depth 20-point project management review


  • Residential paving services and asphalt repairs may not be available at all locations

Why It Made the Cut: Customers across the nation can benefit from U.S. Pavement Services’ broad service area, 24-hour emergency service, and thorough project planning. U.S. Pavement Services is one of the only nationwide paving companies that handles residential driveway installation and commercial paving services, with a wide service area that covers all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Customers can have their existing driveways repaired or work with highly trained employees to plan new driveway installations. The company has a 20-point project management review process to ensure that customers get the best service possible.

This company typically operates through a partner network, which means that some work will be completed by local affiliated partners that may go by different names. Customers can take advantage of the 24-hour emergency service to ensure that any divots, ruts, potholes, or other pavement issues are handled quickly before accidents occur. Customers can visit the company’s website to determine if there is an available residential paving service in their area.


The Home Depot

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  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online, in store
  • Warranty: Varies by provider


  • Over 2,300 locations nationwide
  • Background checks performed on all professionals
  • Verified technician licensing and insurance


  • Reports of improper material handling

Why It Made the Cut: Contractors listed through The Home Depot’s Pro Referral are required to be licensed, insured, and background checked. When most people think of The Home Depot, they probably visualize a large, warehouse-style home improvement store with a hard-to-miss burnt-orange design. However, The Home Depot also works with various contractors to help customers find suitable options to complete their projects on time and within budget. The company has over 2,300 locations across the nation and many affiliated contractors or companies available for local work.

The Home Depot requires regular background checks from all professionals listed on the aggregator site, and the company guarantees that contractors are licensed and insured. While this should give customers peace of mind, it’s important to note that there have been reports of improper material handling when it comes to lead paint. Although this shouldn’t affect a driveway paving project, it’s recommended that homeowners ask contractors questions about permitting processes to ensure everything is aboveboard.

Best Aggregator


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  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online
  • Warranty: Varies by provider


  • Customers can filter by project and choose from local professionals
  • Streamlined and user-friendly website
  • Comprehensive resource center organized by project type


  • Name, phone number, and email are required to browse local services
  • Persistent follow-up emails

Why It Made the Cut: Homeowners can quickly request and compare quotes from local pavement contractors with Angi. One of the most apparent benefits of Angi is that an individual can hop online and quickly get a list of experienced contractors in their area. After this initial search, they can filter by project, choose local pros, and request quotes for the work that they want to be completed. Customers can use quotes from multiple contractors to help decide on the best option to complete the work at their homes. Users must submit their name, phone number, and email to search for local contractors.

Once a customer has signed up, they can expect regular emails from Angi, which can get annoying for those who prefer to keep a clean inbox. However, the website is sleek and easy to use and includes a comprehensive resource center where customers can get more information about materials and project timelines, along with other helpful tips.

Also Consider


See It
  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online
  • Warranty: Varies by provider


  • Top-rated professionals recognized and highlighted
  • Instant service-provider booking available


  • Users unable to contact service providers directly

Why It Made the Cut: Thumbtack offers a fast and efficient hiring process, a property damage warranty, and a satisfaction guarantee to better support customers. Thumbtack provides prospective customers with a streamlined approach to hiring a local driveway paving contractor, including instant service-provider booking. After a quick search, users can expect a list of potential contractors or companies with transparent ratings related to previous service experiences. Users need to go through the website to contact the service providers instead of being able to contact them directly. However, Thumbtack makes it easy to identify the best service providers: Top-rated professionals are highlighted with a top-rating mark to help prospective customers identify experienced contractors recognized for their superior service.

Our Verdict

The top driveway paving company is U.S. Pavement Services because of the high level of training and expertise and the widespread service area that stretches across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. For those who prefer to find workers through aggregator sites that allow them to compare quotes from local contractors, The Home Depot is an excellent option with over 2,300 locations nationwide.

How We Chose the Best Driveway Paving Companies

Selecting a nationwide list of the best driveway paving companies was only possible through extensive research into a pool of potential candidates. Service area, availability, paving materials, licensing, insurance, and warranties were all considered during the selection process to find the best driveway paving companies.

Typically, driveway paving is a relatively localized service, so most companies selected for this list tended to be aggregators rather than specific contractors. Aggregator sites make it easier to find customer reviews, check service satisfaction, and compare quotes within minutes. Paving companies with broad service areas employ local contractors, so customers can find experienced contractors throughout the country.

Before You Hire One of the Best Driveway Paving Companies

Hiring a company to install a new driveway is a costly investment that a homeowner will be managing for years. Hence, it’s necessary to ask questions ahead of time and do proper research to ensure that the customer is confident in the chosen company. Homeowners can ask for a detailed breakdown of the cost, payment schedule, warranty, and project timeline. Having this information conveyed clearly and concisely makes hiring a paving company easier and less stressful.

Another factor to consider before choosing one of the best driveway paving companies is whether the contractor can provide proof of licensure, insurance, and previously completed projects. Potential customers can ask if there are references available to speak to so they can get a better idea of customer satisfaction. Some companies may have an online gallery of past projects so customers can see exactly what the work looks like when it is complete.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Driveway Paving Companies

On average, a homeowner can expect to pay between $2,400 to $6,500 for the cost to pave a driveway. This includes the cost of the material and the labor required to install the driveway. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the type of paving material chosen can greatly increase or decrease the cost.

For instance, an asphalt driveway installation may cost about $7 to $13 per square foot, while a gravel driveway installation costs only about $1.25 to $1.80 per square foot. To ensure homeowners don’t go over budget, they can discuss the available options with the driveway contractor. When trying to figure out the best choice for the home, it’s a good idea to take measurements of the driveway to compare the material costs to the square footage for an accurate assessment of the total cost.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Driveway Paving Companies

Trying to DIY driveway paving can lead to ongoing drainage issues, cracks, and potholes. Professional paving contractors have years of training and experience, allowing them to assess, plan, and complete the driveway installation within a relatively short time period. Experienced contractors make the right judgment calls in order to ensure that the driveway is level and installed with adequate drainage.

Because of this level of expertise, professionally installed driveways tend to last longer than those put in by enthusiastic DIYers. The skill involved and the quality of materials used for the installation give these driveways a higher degree of durability. Additionally, most paving companies have a warranty on their work, so if there is a problem with the installation, customers can contact them and figure out a suitable solution.

  • Experienced paving contractors complete the work quickly and efficiently.
  • Professionally installed driveways typically have high durability and long life spans.
  • Driveway paving companies often offer warranties to guarantee their work.


A search for “residential driveway contractors near me” can give a list of driveway paving companies. Still, to feel confident about the company or contractor hired, it’s important to research and learn as much as possible before making a final decision. Potential customers will want to take a look at the answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about the best driveway paving companies.

Q. What type of paving is best for driveways?

The best paving material for your driveway depends on personal preference. Gravel is a great choice if you are looking for the most affordable driveway material. If you want a driveway with a long life, then a good option for your home is concrete. If proper drainage is your main concern, then permeable pavers may be the ideal solution. Consider your needs and select a driveway paving material that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Q. How long does an asphalt driveway last?

With proper care and maintenance, an asphalt driveway will last about 15 to 30 years on average. However, many factors can impact the driveway’s life, including rainfall, flooding, seismic activity, frost heaves, and ice buildup. Using products like the best asphalt crack fillers or the best driveway sealers can help driveways last longer.

Q. Do driveway paving companies offer any kind of warranty?

Most driveway paving companies will offer a warranty on the work, though the exact terms of the warranty vary between companies. It’s a good idea to speak directly to a customer service representative to understand a warranty’s exact terms and limitations before hiring a driveway paving company.

Q. Will a driveway paving company ensure good drainage?

The best driveway paving companies rely on years of experience and trained installers to ensure that your new driveway is installed correctly. This includes making sure that the driveway has proper drainage to prevent flooding, erosion, and ice buildup.

Q. Do driveway paving companies offer emergency services?

Not all driveway paving companies offer emergency services, so when researching residential paving experts, it’s recommended to check the company website or speak to customer service personnel. These sources should be able to tell you if the company offers emergency services.

Q. What type of driveway paving is easiest to maintain?

If you don’t want to be raking gravel, filling potholes, or searching “driveway repair near me” to fix cracks in asphalt, then permeable pavers are a good option. Permeable pavers are easy to maintain because they are designed to help water drain away from the driveway. Typically, permeable pavers are made of a porous material that allows water to flow through, or they’re made from nonporous blocks, which are spaced in such a way as to allow water to drain through the gaps. All you need to worry about is keeping debris from clogging the drainage joints. You can use a shop vac or a leaf blower set on low to remove grass or leaves on a semi-regular basis.

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