The Best Firewood Delivery Services in America

Keep the fire burning all winter with a steady stream of fuel from one of these top firewood delivery services.

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There’s nothing like sitting by a backyard firepit or around a living room hearth on a crisp fall evening or cold winter’s day. But firepits and wood fireplaces require a steady stream of fuel to keep the fire going. While those who live on large wooded properties can harvest their own firewood, everyone else must resort to finding a local firewood source for buying wood and hauling it home, which can involve frequent trips to the store to replenish their supply.

If you’re wondering where to buy firewood, you’ll find that firewood delivery services ship quality firewood right to your doorstep. These firewood suppliers include popular large retail chains, online grocery delivery services, and specialty online firewood delivery services that specialize in high-quality firewood.


The Best Firewood Delivery Service Option: Firewood dot com

Known for: This Minneapolis-based company produces high-quality firewood in a variety of different hardwood species.
Price: $52 to $60
Our Recommendation: For those who don’t mind paying a little extra, Cut & Split Firewood (priced at $60) from apple trees is one of the most fragrant types of firewood.

Ranging between $52 and $60 for a modest box of firewood (depending on the wood species),’s wood isn’t cheap. However, it’s high-quality firewood. purchases green hardwoods to reduce the risk of its clients inadvertently purchasing insect-infested or disease-carrying wood.’s wood also is attractive, making it an ideal choice for those who like to display their firewood by the hearth or backyard firepit.

While other firewood delivery services sell bundles of mixed hardwoods, sells its wood by individual species: apple, maple, mesquite, oak, or pecan. In addition to firewood, the company also sells wood for wood-fired barbecues as well as chunks for smokers and even special wood for wood-fired pizza ovens.

The company makes deliveries to locations in the Minneapolis metro area but also ships around the country. Shipping for’s wood varies depending on weight.

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2. Cutting Edge Firewood

The Best Firewood Delivery Service Option: Cutting Edge Firewood

Known for: Cutting Edge sells premium firewood in boxes or bulk packages.
Price: $59 to $100
Our Recommendation: Cutting Edge Firewood’s Hickory Firewood Box (priced at $59) contains enough wood for up to four fires.

This Georgia-based company was launched specifically to provide high-quality firewood via delivery. Cutting Edge handpicks all its firewood and kiln dries it by exposing it to temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 days. This creates wood that’s not only free of pests or mold but also capable of burning efficiently while producing little smoke and minimal ash.

The company’s firewood boxes, which can be shipped anywhere in the country, hold enough wood for two to four fires and cost about $50 per box. Each box also contains kindling, fire starters, and matches.

The company also ships entire racks of wood at prices starting at $225 plus shipping. For those who like to stock up for the season, the company sells the ultimate kiln-dried firewood delivery package. Available for $1,400 to $1,700, the package includes five racks of cut hickory, oak, cherry, pecan, and pizza oven wood, two packages of fire starters, kindling, and a hand truck for moving the racks.

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3. Tractor Supply Co.

The Best Firewood Delivery Service Option: Tractor Supply Co

Known for: Tractor Supply Co. sells agricultural, home and garden, and home improvement products, and the company also delivers same-day orders of firewood to areas within 25 miles of their store.
Price: $5.49
Our Recommendation: TSC’s Bundled Firewood (priced at $6.49) is one of the more affordable options for firewood deliveries.

With nearly 2,000 locations nationwide, Tractor Supply Co., which specializes in lawn care and agricultural products, also offers firewood delivery. While the company’s firewood offerings are pretty basic—you won’t find the premium-quality firewood other sites offer—its delivery services are not. The company offers same-day delivery of firewood for residents who live within 25 miles of a Tractor Supply store with a flat delivery fee of $20.

Depending on location, a 0.75-cubic-foot bundle of hardwood firewood costs about $5.50, which makes it one of the more affordable firewood delivery services on the market. The company also offers a subscription service for those who want regular firewood deliveries. The company sells artificial logs such as Duraflame, which also are available via delivery.

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4. Instacart

The Best Firewood Delivery Service Option: Instacart

Known for: This online grocery delivery giant also delivers firewood.
Price: $6 to $8
Our Recommendation: With delivery fees that start as low as $4, Instacart offers one of the most affordable ways to have firewood delivered.

Although many local grocery store chains carry firewood, most don’t make their own grocery deliveries, so they rely on delivery companies such as Instacart. Since these are local deliveries and don’t require cross-country shipments, the delivery fees are cheaper. Instacart makes same-day deliveries of food and household items, including firewood, for as low as $4 or for free with an annual membership. An additional value is having other household necessities, such as milk, eggs, and laundry detergent, delivered along with the firewood.

This price structure makes Instacart one of the more affordable ways to have firewood delivered. The cost of the firewood varies depending on the grocery store, but most retailers sell a 0.75-cubic-foot bundle for $6 to $8. However, firewood sold at a local grocery store varies in quality, and, more than likely, it won’t match the condition of logs provided by a specialty firewood delivery service.

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5. L.L. Bean

The Best Firewood Delivery Service Option: L.L. Bean

Known for: L.L. Bean is known for its trendy jackets, backpacks, and outdoor footwear.
Price: $35 to $60
Our Recommendation: L.L. Bean’s Fatwood Crate (priced at $59.95) is filled with a natural resin pine renowned for its ability to light easily and burn for a long time.

Although known primarily for outdoor clothing, L.L. Bean also sells some of the best kindling on the market. Its Fatwood lights easily and burns for a long time. The wood comes from a non-endangered species of pine and contains no harmful chemicals.

While kindling alone isn’t enough to make a fire, it burns easily, eliminating the need for lighter fluid, newspaper, or a synthetic firestarter. L.L. Bean’s 10-pound supply of fatwood comes in a decorative wooden crate and in more affordable refill packs without a container. The company also sells the Fatwood product in a sack for $34.95. Best of all, L.L. Bean offers free shipping.

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How We Chose the Best Firewood Delivery Services

We considered a variety of criteria when assembling our list of the top firewood delivery services. Since cost is usually an issue, we chose services that supply firewood at a reasonable price for the quality of the product they sell. While there are many local firewood delivery services, we limited our choices to those with nationwide coverage. These two criteria resulted in a mix of national retailers that offer good-quality hardwood firewood for delivery at a bargain price as well as specialty services that sell premium firewood, albeit at a higher price point.


Understanding which type of firewood burns best as well as how firewood delivery services work are the keys in making the right choice of delivery service. Ahead, learn more about firewood and firewood delivery services.

Q. What’s the best type of firewood to burn?

Hardwoods make the best type of firewood to burn. Hardwoods are denser and have less moisture content than pine, which means they burn hotter, longer, and with less smoke. Of the available hardwoods, maple, oak, ash, birch, and most fruit trees provide the hottest and longest burns.

Q. How does a firewood delivery service work?

How a firewood delivery service works depends on the type of service. Major retailers that sell a wide range of home goods typically include firewood in their delivery service, charging a flat fee for delivery. Specialty firewood delivery services usually sell firewood in boxes and charge for delivery based on weight. In both cases, the firewood is delivered to the doorstep.

Q. How much do firewood delivery services cost?

Cost varies depending on the service. Most online services that specialize in firewood sell a box of firewood for $50. Grocery stores and national retailers typically sell a 0.75-cubic-foot bundle of firewood for around $6.

Q. Is a firewood delivery service worth it?

The answer to this question depends on how much the convenience of having firewood delivered is worth to the user. A firewood delivery service is more expensive than picking up firewood at a local supplier. Shipping and delivery of firewood can be expensive since firewood is heavy. However, using a firewood delivery service helps ensure that a supply of firewood is always available.

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