The Best Garage Door Keypads of 2023

These garage door keypads are dependable, secure, and convenient.

Best Overall

The Best Garage Door Keypads Option: Genie Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-R

Genie Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-R

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Garage Door Keypads Option: X X-House Universal Garage Door Keypad

X X-House Universal Garage Door Keypad

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Best for Multiple Doors

The Best Garage Door Keypads Option: Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System

Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System

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For added convenience and security, a garage door keypad allows for keyless entry into a garage. For times when a homeowner may want access to the garage door from outside without the remote, a garage door opener with a keypad is a good solution. Various models use wireless technology to connect keypads with a smartphone or other device, offer temporary PINs for deliveries or guests, and control multiple doors from one location.

Other features to look for affect ease of use, such as simple programming or straightforward installation directions. We researched these and other features to compile this list of the best garage door keypads.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Genie Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-R
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: X X-House Universal Garage Door Keypad
  3. BEST FOR MULTIPLE DOORS: Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System
  4. BEST FOR ADDED SECURITY: LiftMaster 878MAX Security+ Garage Door Keypad
  5. BEST SMART: Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Control
  6. BEST SLIM PROFILE: LiftMaster 387LM Universal Keyless Entry
  7. BEST WITH REMOTE: Genie Keyless Entry and Remote Pack
The best garage door keypad option attached to brick siding next to a garage door

How We Chose the Best Garage Door Keypads

A garage door keypad seems simple, and a good one should blend in and become a habit. Because a garage door keypad is something owners shouldn’t have to think about much once it’s installed, we looked at reliability as well as ease of use. We researched more than 40 garage door keypad brands to assess these factors, because even with all the best security features, if the keypad fails or is too complicated to use, bells and whistles won’t matter.

Universality and simple installation and setup are also key factors, as they help make for a frustration-free garage door upgrade project. Security and convenience factors are also a consideration in selecting the best garage door keypad. No one needs extra frustration during the process of replacing or upgrading garage entry equipment, so we tried to choose brands with clear and simple installation and compatibility information.

The everyday use of a keypad for garage door entry should be as convenient and accessible as possible, which is why we also looked at lighted keypads, single-touch closure, a slim profile, and temporary PIN access.

Our Top Picks

The best garage door keypad has to be reliable, with a combination of features such as added security and a simple setup that makes it stand out. Our top pick combines a durable weather-resistant design with great security features and multidoor functionality. We’ve also listed a more affordable option, as well as top keypads in categories such as added security, smart features, and a slim profile.

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For ease of installation and convenience, this Genie wireless entry keypad can be a top choice for a new garage door opener package or as a garage door keypad replacement. It works with many popular brands of garage door openers and can be programmed in a matter of minutes, so it’s a winner for accessibility.

In addition, the Genie garage door pad can operate up to three garage doors at once and uses a rolling code system for extra security. For convenience, it allows users to add temporary PINs for pet sitters or delivery drivers.

Product Specs 

  • Installation skill level: Beginner
  • Number of doors it can operate: 3
  • Added security features: Rolling access code, temporary PIN


  • Universal design makes this compatible with many brands
  • Easy to install and program; can operate up to 3 doors at once
  • Intelligent security system; users can add temporary PINs for neighbors


  • Requires periodic battery changes
  • Compatible only with garage door models since 1995

Get the Genie universal garage door keypad at Amazon or The Home Depot.

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The X X-House garage door keypad is a cost-effective replacement keypad, offering two channels to operate up to two doors at once. It has a weather-resistant cover for durability and a backlit keypad for convenience.

This keypad comes with “learn” buttons that can communicate with various garage door openers to allow it to send the opener a signal and facilitate programming. It doesn’t appear to have any security upgrades besides requiring a PIN, so if extra security is a priority, this isn’t the keypad for you.

Product Specs 

  • Installation skill level: Beginner
  • Number of doors it can operate: 2
  • Added security features: None


  • Simple and cost-effective upgrade to the garage door
  • Very easy to install; can control up to 2 doors
  • Wide range of compatibility with door manufacturers


  • No added security features
  • Batteries need periodic changing

Get theX X-House garage door keypad at Amazon.

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The Marantec garage door keypad is simple to install and program, and it has a temporary PIN function for guest and delivery access as well as a secure code system to transmit the signal to a garage door opener.

This keypad can operate up to four garage doors at once and has a one-touch close function to close the doors easily and quickly. It has a weather-resistant cover as well as a reliable 315 megahertz signal. The downside to this opener is that it is compatible only with Marantec garage door openers and will not work with other brands.

Product Specs 

  • Installation skill level: Beginner
  • Number of doors it can operate: 4
  • Added security features: Temporary PIN, multibit code, 1-touch close


  • Controls up to 4 doors at once; great for large homes
  • A 1-touch button can close all doors at once
  • Strong and secure signal; uses multi-bit code


  • Only compatible with Marantec garage door openers

Get the Marantec garage door keypad at Amazon, Marantec, or Garage Door Zone.

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The LiftMaster 878MAX Security+ garage door keypad is designed for simple installation, programming, and use. It has a weather-resistant cover as well as a lighted keypad for visibility in the dark.

The keypad’s added security feature sends a different code each time the garage door opener connects, so it is very difficult to duplicate the code. This safety feature, as well as its one-button close function, make it a great choice for security-conscious buyers. One drawback is that the Liftmaster isn’t universal and is compatible only with certain brands or color “learning” buttons as well as with LiftMaster models made since 1993.

Product Specs 

  • Installation skill level: Beginner
  • Number of doors it can operate: 1
  • Added security features: Rolling code, temporary PIN, 1-touch close


  • Sends secure codes wirelessly to the door opener
  • Simple to install and use; no wires required
  • Lighted keypad is great for operating at night


  • Not universally compatible; LiftMaster doors only

Get the LiftMaster 878MAX garage door keypad at Amazon, Walmart, LiftMaster, or R and S Automation Inc.

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The MyQ smart garage door keypad from Chamberlain is compatible with any garage door openers with safety sensors manufactured after 1993. Its broad compatibility as well as its remote function make it very convenient as a replacement for a garage door keypad or garage door remote.

What sets this system apart is that it operates from a smartphone or other wireless device, allowing remote access to the garage door and notifying owners of any garage door movements, which is great for in-garage delivery using Amazon Key, for example. The remote function allows delivery personnel to key in with a temporary password, and it also allows access for family members and visitors.

The downside of this system is that it requires high-speed internet access by Wi-Fi to operate, so it’s not ideal for areas where signal strength can be spotty.

Product Specs 

  • Installation skill level: Beginner
  • Number of doors it can operate: 2 (with purchase of additional sensors)
  • Added security features: Temporary PIN, remote-door access, door-movement notification


  • Universal for garage door openers manufactured after 1993
  • Simple to install with a convenient smartphone interface
  • Very secure; offers great peace of mind with just the check of your phone


  • Needs high-speed internet access to function properly

Get the Chamberlain garage door keypad at Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Best Buy, or MyQ.

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Rather than flipping up like most garage door keypads, the LiftMaster 387LM waterproof cover slides up. This can be quite useful in spots with a tight fit for a vehicle, allowing a little bit of extra clearance when using the keypad to avoid scrapes and damage to the keypad or car. Its slim design is also less conspicuous on the outside of the garage door when aesthetics are important.

The LiftMaster 387LM is simple to install, program, and operate. It has a backlit keypad for convenience. This wireless, keyless entry system has Security+ rolling code technology for an extra layer of security. It’s also compatible with several popular brands of openers.

Product Specs 

  • Installation skill level: Beginner
  • Number of doors it can operate: 1
  • Added security features: Security+ rolling codes


  • Slim design with a weatherproof sliding cover
  • Simple to install; just drill 2 holes and screw it in
  • Universal compatibility; works with most garage door models


  • Works with only 1 garage door at a time

Get the LiftMaster garage door keypad at Amazon, Walmart, LiftMaster,, or AllSecurityEquipment.

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The Genie garage door keypad is a good choice for reliability. It’s durable as well as weather-resistant. If you’re looking for the convenience of a wireless garage keypad along with a remote control, opting for this bundle won’t disappoint.

For added security, the Genie keyless entry and remote use Intellicode technology to create a different security code each time the door is activated, which makes it difficult to copy.

In addition, the Genie has a backlit keypad, so it will be easy to see no matter the time of day, and also has a weather-resistant cover.

Product Specs 

  • Installation skill level: Beginner
  • Number of doors it can operate: 3
  • Added security features: Intellicode security


  • Convenient bundle provides users with a remote control
  • Remote can be placed in a car for easier access to the garage
  • Secure connections prevent unauthorized access


  • Push buttons may not always register when pressed lightly

Get the Genie keyless garage door keypad at Amazon, Walmart, or Genie.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Keypad

A good garage door keypad will be convenient, secure, and simple to program. It should also be compatible with the current garage door opener when buying a replacement rather than installing all-new equipment. When buying an entirely new garage door keypad, shoppers will want to check out our best garage door openers list for help and determine whether the ones they like are compatible with the keypads they’re buying. The garage door opener installation cost should also be considered when estimating the amount of investment.

Compatibility and Frequency

Wireless garage door openers operate on different frequencies, so getting one that’s compatible with the model of garage door opener currently installed is key. There are different color “learn” buttons for opener models, and the easiest way to tell which garage keypad will be compatible is to look up the model number of the current garage door and check it against garage door keypads being considered.

A universal garage door keypad should be compatible with most types of garage door openers, which might be an easier way to go. Still, the manufacturer specs should be checked for both devices.


A central feature of a keypad for garage door entry is that it’s a secure form of keyless entry. Some garage door keypads have the added option of a “rolling code” that will update periodically to minimize the chance of burglars copying it. Others have a temporary PIN function to allow delivery personnel or guests limited access to a garage. These features add a layer of security to a garage keypad to prevent the code from getting into the hands of potential break-in artists.

The other feature that some garage keypads have is encryption for the radio frequency that they emit, which makes it more difficult for others to record and generate the frequency necessary to open the garage. For a more secure access point, using one or more of these extra features can make a big difference and add to peace of mind. For buyers who are looking for a secure keyless entry device for the regular door to a garage or home, check out our guide to the best keypad door locks.

Wired or Wireless

A wired keypad for a garage door will need to connect via wires to an existing garage door opener, which is slightly more complicated than a wireless garage door keypad that can be mounted and programmed to communicate with the garage door opener by radio frequency. The big difference between the two is how they receive their signal from the garage door opener.

The only downside to a wireless model is that it will use batteries instead of wired power, so the user will have to change or charge the batteries periodically. That said, a wireless garage door keypad is by far simpler to install and maintain than a wired model.

Number of Doors

Though some garage door keypads conveniently work with multiple garage door openers, others are intended to be used with one door only. Accessing the entire garage from the outside will make the garage door pad more practical and allow users to do more with one unit rather than needing to install several. Using just one keypad also makes the garage more secure because it limits access points. Finally, a multidoor keypad can translate into savings because the owner only needs to buy one keypad rather than one device per door.

Additional Features 

Other features can make a garage door keypad more convenient. Backlit buttons can show the numbers clearly, even in the dark. A weather-resistant cover keeps the keypad safe from the elements. It’s also easier to push the buttons if they’re not wet and slippery.

Another great feature for ease of use is “program memory,” which allows a garage door keypad to remember its programming and stay connected to the garage door opener during battery changes. This feature eliminates the need to reprogram the keypad every time its batteries need changing.


Even after reviewing all of this information, you might still have some questions about which garage door keypad is right for your home. Read on to find answers to some frequently asked questions about garage door keypads.

Q. Is a garage door keypad necessary?

For the convenience of deliveries and guests, as well as potentially being a backup if homeowners lock themselves out, a garage door keypad is a great feature. Using a good-quality keypad is secure as well as simple.

Q. Can a garage door keypad be a different brand from a garage door?

Yes. There are several brands of garage door keypads that are designed to work with multiple brands and models of doors. However, compatibility matters, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s compatibility chart or cross-check the model number of a garage door opener against a garage door keypad to make sure the keypad will work with the opener.

Q. How is a garage door keypad set?

Models will have different protocols, but most newer garage door keypads have a “learn” button to press when pairing the keypad with the opener. Lights typically indicate when to enter a PIN. Others will use a “program” button with similar steps.

Q. Can a garage door keypad be used for more than two doors?

Some garage door keypads can handle multiple doors, but others are good for only one door at a time. Check the product information on a keypad to determine whether it is meant for multiple doors.

Q. Can a garage door keypad be replaced?

Yes. Most garage door keypads can be replaced with a compatible replacement garage door keypad. Most models on the market will have their compatibility specs in the product information section.

Q. How is a wireless keypad for a garage door installed?

Most garage keypads are mounted with screws and a bracket. The installer needs to attach the bracket to the frame of the garage door or a post a little ways back so it can be reached from inside a vehicle, then slide the keypad onto the bracket.

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