The Best LLC Services of 2023

Many businesses need to file as an LLC with the state. The top LLC services can handle that job as well as provide many other services to support growing businesses.

By Tom Scalisi | Published Nov 2, 2023 11:14 AM

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Whether one is starting a side hustle or launching a new business, it’s important to consider forming a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC is a legal barrier between an owner and their business. It protects the owner from debts incurred by the business as well as lawsuits that might occur. LLCs also provide some tax benefits, which could be reason enough to form an LLC.

Forming a limited liability company requires some paperwork, a bit of knowledge, and paying some filing fees, though. For busy business owners, a little help can make this process much easier to navigate. In fact, it’s possible to get an LLC online by working with an LLC service provider. These companies often offer a wide range of services that may appeal to business owners, helping them launch, grow, and sustain their business. By reviewing the best LLC services and what each company brings to the table, business owners can choose the right service to handle this process for them.

  1. BEST OVERALL: ZenBusiness
  2. RUNNER-UP: Incfile
  4. BEST BUSINESS TEMPLATES: Northwest Registered Agent
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: Inc Authority
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What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best LLC Services

Choosing the best LLC service isn’t luck of the draw. There are several considerations to keep in mind to ensure that the service provider knows how to meet the business owner’s specific needs, answer any questions they have, and work within government regulations. It’s important to keep the complete customer experience in mind when weighing these factors, from LLC filing times and required fees to additional service offerings and customer support options.

Service Area

LLC paperwork and specific requirements vary from state to state. Some states’ documentation requirements are easier to meet than others, while some might be more involved. Finding an LLC service provider that works within the specific state in which the business is based is key.

The top LLC companies often offer nationwide services for LLC filing. This ensures that a company owner can hire the service, provide the required information, and let their LLC service provider take care of the rest. However, other offerings from these same companies, such as legal services or virtual offices, may not always be available in all states. Customers interested in additional services will want to check that they are available in their location with their preferred service provider.

Note: An LLC is a business structure, but it’s not a license. There are several different types of business licenses available, and business owners may be required to obtain a specific license depending on their industry or what state they operate in. Business owners will want to check with their local Department of State to determine if there are other business license requirements for their line of work.

LLC Filing and Formation Services

There’s quite a bit of work that goes into LLC filing and formation services. For example, states require LLCs to provide certain documents, such as articles of organization and operating agreements when forming a business entity. LLC service providers will gather the important forms and help the customer complete these documents so the required paperwork is accepted by the state.

Another important aspect of LLC formation services is the appointment of a registered agent. This is a designated point of contact (a person or entity) that is responsible for receiving legal documents and government communications. Many LLC companies will designate a registered agent as part of their company formation services, offering some privacy for the business owner. Some companies may provide more comprehensive LLC filing and formation services than others, though. For instance, a company may include registered agent services as part of its base LLC filing and formation package, while others might offer that service at a separate fee.

Legal Services

Some companies that offer limited liability company formation services also offer other legal services to help business owners. For example, certain companies may provide customers with trademark, patent, and copyright assistance. Others can help with filing amendments, preparing documents required by the government, and developing templates for various purposes, including a bill of sale, a letter of recommendation, and a nondisclosure agreement.

Depending on the provider, these services might be included in a monthly fee, whereas others may require the customer to pay an additional amount for certain jobs not included with their legal service packages. Customers can often expect to pay less for these types of legal services from an online LLC registration provider than they would when walking into a local attorney’s office.

Business Services

LLC services may also provide help with business services beyond the scope of LLC filing and formation. Customers who need help with tasks such as filing taxes can rely on these providers to set them up with the required services and take the burden off the customer.

Business services include such items as annual report generation, initial reports, meeting minutes, compliance tracking, and even developing operating agreements and bylaws. Rather than the company owner trying to put all of these documents together themselves, they can use these services and focus on their business.

LLC service providers may also offer branding and marketing services to help businesses establish an identity and draw in customers. These services may include logo creation, website design, and online marketing initiatives. In the right circumstances, business owners may find a one-stop shop for all of their legal, compliance, and marketing needs.

Average Filing Time

Average filing time can vary between LLC providers. For example, some providers are able to file an LLC within 10 minutes of receiving the information and documentation required (and this often depends on the company’s complexity). Others might take a few days to file.

However, the most significant determining factor may come down to a state’s response time. Some states respond quickly, sometimes within 3 to 5 days after receiving the LLC documents. Others may take up to 3 weeks or more (15 business days). In most cases, customers should expect this longer time frame so they can be pleasantly surprised if their LLC filing time is shorter. Companies may also offer expedited filing services at an additional cost to speed up the process and get required documents to the state as quickly as possible.

LLC Filing Charge

Fees are different for each LLC service. Business owners who want to get an LLC online will likely either have to subscribe to a legal service (which comes at an annual fee) or pay for a one-time package service. The subscription method is far more popular, and some companies will offer a year’s worth of free services for businesses filing an LLC.

With the subscription model, the cost of hiring the service to file an LLC is typically covered, which can make it the cheapest LLC filing service available, depending on monthly rates. Although the company may not charge an LLC filing fee, the customer will still need to pay the state’s required fee, which can vary from one state to another. With a service package, customers will often pay for the company to file the LLC, plus the state fees, since it’s not part of an ongoing subscription. For those who’d prefer the ongoing legal and business services, the subscription method may be the best route. But a one-time package purchase may be best for those who don’t want to be locked into an ongoing subscription.

Service Rates

Beyond the cost of filing the LLC, there may be additional service rates that customers will want to know about from the best LLC filing companies. Some of these costs might be incorporated into the subscription fee, while others might be additional costs the customer needs to pay.

Services for which customers might pay additional fees include legal services, registered agent services, annual report creation, and other business services that the LLC service provider might offer. Customers will want to check the individual costs associated with each provider when looking for a service that fits their needs and budget.

Customer Support

Due to the legal and regulatory considerations with LLC filing, ongoing customer support can be critical when a business owner is selecting a service provider. After all, mistakes can occur when compiling documents, local governments may have additional requirements, and there may be other challenges along the way. Also, customers might have legal questions outside of what they originally hired the service for, so having expert customer support helps.

LLC service providers may provide customer support via phone, email, or online platforms such as live chat. Some business owners may prefer live chat and email so they have a text record of their conversations, while others might want answers right away and prefer to make a phone call. When weighing their options, business owners may gravitate toward an LLC filer that offers the customer service method they prefer.

Our Top Picks

The best LLC services offer a range of benefits and perks that may appeal to business owners. With so much to consider, it’s important that prospective customers reflect on their own priorities and needs to find a good fit for their business.

Best Overall

The Best LLC Services Option ZenBusiness

Why It Made the Cut: ZenBusiness offers 1 year of free compliance service with its LLC filing offerings, as well as a money-back guarantee and a wide range of business templates.

Customers who hire ZenBusiness to file their LLC will get 1 year of compliance services at no additional cost. These services include alerts and notifications to let customers know when they have to renew documents or file paperwork, which new business owners may appreciate as they navigate their first year of operation.

ZenBusiness offers a wide range of services, including user-friendly website design templates to help customers create appealing business websites without requiring any technical knowledge or coding skills. While the availability of the company’s logo design service is a bit misleading as it has yet to launch, there is a break-even analysis tool that can help customers understand when their revenue will outpace their operating costs. ZenBusiness also has a grant program that provides over 40 businesses with $5,000 each year, which can be used any way owners deem necessary to support their business.

Customers who worry about buyer’s remorse may be pleased to know that ZenBusiness offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on any subscription or add-on purchase (less any state or third-party fees). This policy can offer additional peace of mind as customers know they can recoup some of the money spent on LLC services if they have second thoughts within the first couple of months.



  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • LLC filing charge: $0 (plus state fees)
  • Average filing time: 10 to 15 business days
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat
  • Legal services: Yes


  • 1 year of free compliance services included with LLC filings
  • User-friendly website design templates available
  • $5,000 grant program for small businesses
  • Free break-even analysis calculator
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Somewhat misleading logo service availability


The Best LLC Services Option Incfile

Why It Made the Cut: Incfile makes it easy to not only file for an LLC but also expand into other states using the foreign qualification service.

For companies that plan to expand or are currently expanding into different states, Incfile could be a great choice as an LLC service provider. Incfile helps customers file their LLC documents as well as the all-important foreign qualification paperwork that allows businesses to operate in different states. As such, Incfile is available in all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C., ensuring customers can rely on this one service to handle all of their LLC needs.

While Incfile’s filing time can be rather long, it does offer 24/7 customer support, so customers can reach out to a representative at any time if they have questions or need assistance. Incfile has quite a few other features going for it as well. For example, customers who use Incfile’s LLC filing services also receive 1 year of free registered agent services, giving new businesses a bit of breathing room in their legal service budget. Incfile also offers free tax consultations for nonprofits, which may be a welcome service for organizations operating on tight budgets but nonetheless needing to ensure they meet their tax obligations.



  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • LLC filing charge: $0 (plus state fees)
  • Average filing time: Varies by state
  • Customer support: Phone, email
  • Legal services: Limited (documents only)


  • 1-year of free registered agent services with LLC filings
  • Foreign qualification services available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free tax consultation available for nonprofits


  • Relatively long standard filing times

Best Legal Services

The Best LLC Services Option LegalZoom

Why It Made the Cut: With a wide variety of legal services available, including provisional patent application, trademark monitoring, and attorney consultation services, LegalZoom may be the right option for business owners.

LegalZoom offers a number of legal services in addition to standard LLC filing and formation support. For instance, entrepreneurs and other customers can receive provisional patent application services if they have a concept they wish to patent at some point in the near future but aren’t quite ready to submit to the patent office. LegalZoom also offers trademark monitoring services to help customers avoid messy legal disputes with those who might infringe upon their trademark rights. Although the company’s rates for registered agent services are a bit high, customers who aren’t satisfied with LegalZoom can take advantage of a 60-day money-back guarantee on non-filing services.

Additionally, LegalZoom offers unlimited attorney consultations to those who sign up for one of its business legal plans. Customers with questions and concerns can pay for attorney consultations on a monthly basis and schedule as many 30-minute calls as they like, as long as they discuss a new topic in each session. This service can save customers a lot of time, money, and worry, particularly for those in highly regulated or litigious industries.



  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • LLC filing charge: $0 (plus state fees)
  • Average filing time: 7 to 10 business days
  • Customer support: Phone, email
  • Legal services: Yes


  • Unlimited attorney consultations available
  • Provisional patent application services available
  • Trademark monitoring services available
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on non-filing services


  • Relatively high registered agent service rates

Best Business Templates

The Best LLC Services Option Northwest Registered Agent

Why It Made the Cut: Northwest Registered Agent offers a wide range of business document templates for customers to download, as well as virtual office and foreign qualification services.

Customers who want to file their LLC and take advantage of a robust library of business document templates may want to consider Northwest Registered Agent. The company provides a wide range of document templates for customers to download to support their business—and all made available for free. These documents cover different phases of an organization’s growth, including LLC articles of organization and LLC operating agreements, corporate bylaws, initial board meeting minutes, and nonprofit bylaws, among other templates. This saves business owners time on developing documents and ensures they contain all the information required. Having these helpful templates available for free could help business owners recoup the cost of the relatively high $100 LLC filing fee (in addition to state-required fees).

Northwest Registered Agent also provides legal services, but they are only available in Utah. Business owners in other areas of the country can take advantage of many other business services, though, including virtual office subscriptions that include on-demand secretarial services while giving small businesses a physical address in an office building. When business owners are ready to expand into new markets, Northwest Registered Agent will be there to provide foreign qualification services so they can do business in other states.



  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.; Puerto Rico
  • LLC filing charge: $100 (plus state fees)
  • Average filing time: Up to 12 business days
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat
  • Legal services: Limited (Utah only)


  • Wide variety of free business document templates
  • Foreign qualification services available
  • Virtual office services available in some states


  • High $100 LLC filing fee
  • Legal services only available in Utah

Also Consider

The Best LLC Services Option Inc Authority

Why It Made the Cut: With custom website design and marketing services available—as well as free registered agent services—Inc Authority could be a great option for LLC services.

Customers who need a boost when it comes to marketing and design services may want to consider Inc Authority when weighing LLC service options. Although the company does not offer any legal services, customers can purchase a marketing package that provides numerous features to help them create brand awareness, establish a digital presence, and reach new customers. These services include logo designs, marketing content creation, and fine-tuning business websites for search engine optimization.

Inc Authority’s site doesn’t list the rates for these additional business services, so customers will need to inquire about pricing. That being said, Inc Authority’s LLC filing services also include free registered agent services for 12 months. Customers who need to build a website for their business can take advantage of custom website design templates to get their internet presence off to a running start.



  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • LLC filing charge: $0 (plus state fees)
  • Average filing time: Varies by state
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat
  • Legal services: No


  • 1-year free registered agent services with LLC filings
  • Custom website design services available
  • Wide range of marketing services available


  • No legal services
  • Unclear rates for additional business services

Our Verdict

The award for Best Overall goes to ZenBusiness for its free compliance services, helpful website templates, and money-back guarantee. We gave the Runner-Up award to Incfile due to the company’s 24/7 customer support, free registered agent services, and tax consultation services for nonprofit organizations.

How We Chose the Best LLC Services

We weighed several important factors when determining the best LLC services available to business owners, including each company’s service area. While every company listed here offers LLC filing and formation services nationwide, specific business or legal services may be limited to certain areas of the country. We also considered whether companies charged any fees for filing services (beyond state requirements) as well as filing times to make sure each company provided fair value.

Other items that we took into consideration included legal and business services that may support businesses behind their basic LLC filing needs. For instance, companies may offer ongoing legal support, templates, and consultations with qualified attorneys. Services such as trademark registration and logo design, as well as whether a company provides other marketing services and website templates, were also taken into consideration to help customers make the best choice for their businesses.

Before You Choose One of the Best LLC Services

Before choosing one of the best LLC services, it’s worth it for business owners to understand that it may not always be the best way to get an LLC. States do not require a third party or attorney to file LLC documents, so customers who have the time and know-how to properly fill out the required paperwork, as well as the patience to handle any modifications or rejections, might consider filing their LLC paperwork on their own.

Customers interested in tackling this job on their own will want to reach out to their Department of State or similar government agency to find out what is required. At minimum, they can expect to submit completed articles of organization along with their LLC filing forms. They will also need to pay a filing fee, which can vary from one state to another. Given the regulatory requirements involved, business owners may determine that it’s worth it to have an LLC service provider take care of their filing requirements for them, especially if those services are made available at no cost. Those who are unfamiliar with legal and regulatory requirements may prefer to hire one of the best LLC services to start their business and hit the ground running.

It’s also important to remember that while an LLC does limit liability, it does not completely absolve business owners of their legal liabilities. Small businesses may need to purchase general liability insurance or professional liability insurance to protect their financial interests. As such, they may want to consider getting a policy with one of the best small-business insurance providers, such as Thimble Insurance or Progressive Commercial.

Cost of Using for One of the Best LLC Services

For those who choose to go with an LLC service, the price is often well worth it. Many companies offer free LLC services for small businesses, leaving the customer responsible only for the state filing fees, which can vary from one state to another.

Even if the customer has to pay to file their LLC, the additional add-ons and services might be worth the cost. Many LLC services provide legal advice, business services, marketing services, and website templates for free or extremely discounted rates. When compared with other business expenses—such as the cost of small-business insurance—the cost to file an LLC can be quite low. Even so, customers will want to consider their needs and weigh them against the costs to ensure they’re getting what they need for the best possible price.

The Advantages of Using for One of the Best LLC Services

The best LLC services often have a clear understanding of each state’s LLC requirements, ensuring a smoother filing experience that can avoid some of the hurdles customers may otherwise face if they choose to file on their own. LLC service providers also tend to offer additional services that can greatly help business owners. These may include legal, branding, and marketing services to help customers make the most of their new businesses or grow and sustain established organizations.

Rather than spending time, energy, and resources on the filing process, customers can focus on their business thanks to the support of LLC service providers. The best LLC services offer a variety of other perks and benefits that may appeal to small-business owners, including:

  • Complimentary services, including LLC filing, registered agent, and compliance services, that give customers more bang for their buck;
  • Website design, logo creation, and foreign qualification services to help owners establish a brand identity, market their business, and expand into new locations; and
  • Free online LLC creation tools and resources, such as break-even analysis calculators and document templates, to help customers better run their businesses.


Filing an LLC can be a complicated process, and it’s only natural that business owners would have some lingering questions about forming an LLC and selecting a service provider to handle that job for them. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic that can help small-business owners determine the best way to go about filing an LLC—with or without a dedicated LLC service provider.

Q. Do I need a registered agent to start an LLC?

Business owners do need to list a registered agent when filing an LLC, as this individual will be responsible for receiving legal correspondence on behalf of the business. They can choose to list themselves, an employee, or another individual as their registered agent when registering their business.

Q. How long does it take to get an LLC?

The filing process typically depends on the state, but in general, the filing process can take 7 to 10 business days, though it might take longer. Oftentimes, customers can pay extra to expedite the filing process, which may be a consideration to think about when selecting one of the best LLC start-up services.

Q. Do I need an employer identification number (EIN) for my LLC?

The Internal Revenue Service requires LLCs to have an employer identification number for tax purposes if they have any employees on staff. Although some single-member LLCs may be able to use the owner’s Social Security number when filing income tax returns, that won’t always be the case.