The Best Solar Christmas Lights for Festive Holiday Nights

The best solar Christmas lights for outdoor decorating are budget-friendly, energy-efficient, and will keep homes shiny and bright throughout the holiday season.

Best Overall

The Best Solar Christmas Light Option: The Holiday Aisle 100 Light Solar String Lights

The Holiday Aisle Solar LED String Lights

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Solar Christmas Lights Options: Joomer Multicolor Solar String Lights

Joomer Multicolor Solar Christmas Lights

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Best Classic

The Best Home Generators Options: Huacenmy C6 Strawberry Solar Christmas Lights

Huacenmy C6 Strawberry Solar Christmas Lights

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Outdoor Christmas lights add a festive glimmer to the front yard or garden, and with a solar-powered setup, shoppers can make their home exterior merry and bright without adding to the electric bill. Solar Christmas lights come in various styles, sizes, and colors to help create the perfect winter wonderland.

The best solar Christmas lights are energy-efficient, easy to install, and simple to use. They’re also flexible since there’s no need to use extension cords or an outlet. Here are some of the best solar Christmas lights available to create a beautiful outdoor holiday light display.

  1. BEST OVERALL: The Holiday Aisle Solar LED String Lights
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Joomer Multicolor Solar String Lights
  3. BEST CLASSIC: Huacenmy C6 Strawberry Solar Christmas Lights
  4. BEST FAIRY LIGHTS: Brightever Outdoor Solar String Lights
  5. BEST ROPE LIGHTS: Eueasy Solar Rope Lights 
  6. BEST CURTAIN: Whywhife 300 LED Solar Curtain String Lights 
  7. BEST SPOTLIGHTS: Jsot 7-Color Changing Solar Spot Lights
  8. BEST FOR PATHWAYS: Unique Gadgets & Toys Solar-Powered Christmas Lights
  9. BEST FOR YEAR-ROUND USE: Brightech Ambience Pro Solar-Powered String Lights
  10. BEST NOVELTY: Brightown Solar Christmas Snowflake String Lights
  11. ALSO CONSIDER: Lezonic Solar Christmas Lights
The Best Solar Christmas Light Options

How We Chose the Best Solar Christmas Lights

With a wide variety of options available, it can be tough to narrow down the best solar Christmas lights to illuminate the home. From Christmas lighting functions to style, size, and colors, the items on our list span more than 30 options shoppers often consider, offering a diverse selection of products.

Through product research and consumer reviews, we chose reliable and beautiful solar-powered lights. We prioritized affordable lights that have good charging and runtimes as well as those that are easy to install and use. For many, Christmas lights are the highlight of outdoor holiday decor, so aesthetics were also a priority in our selections. We chose a range of festive and fun designs and colors to create beautiful holiday lighting.

Our Top Picks

Every holiday season, shoppers looking for outdoor Christmas lights and decorations face a multitude of buying choices. We compiled the following list of top solar Christmas lights to help out, guiding shoppers to some of the best choices available.

Best Overall

The Holiday Aisle Solar LED String Lights

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Product Specs

  • Length: 55 feet
  • Color: 5 color options (warm white, green, red, white, and blue)
  • Runtime: 6 to 8 hours


  • Traditional warm-white color is versatile but festive
  • Ground-stake solar panel is easy to install
  • Allows for connection of multiple strings; great for larger projects


  • Needs a full day of sunlight for sufficient charging

Anyone looking for the classic glow of incandescent lights will want to consider this solar string-light strand from The Holiday Aisle. These LED solar string lights capture the warm radiance of traditional Christmas lights while using less power than incandescent bulbs. Several other Christmas-themed colors also are available.

The 55-foot-long strand features 100 Stay-Lit LED bulbs, which means the entire strand won’t go out if one bulb has trouble. The strand lights up for 6 to 8 hours after a full-day charge. This set includes a solar panel on a ground stake so it can be installed anywhere in the yard. Multiple strands can connect to wrap the home, porch, trees, or bushes.

Get The Holiday Aisle solar Christmas lights at Wayfair.

Best Bang for the Buck

Joomer Multicolor Solar Christmas Lights

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Product Specs

  • Length: 72 feet
  • Color: Multicolor (also comes in solid blue, green, red, yellow, warm white, and white)
  • Runtime: 8 hours


  • Affordable option for covering large areas on a budget
  • Fast 6-hour charge time provides reliable power
  • 8 lighting modes to suit a range of style preferences


  • Some users reported malfunctioning in cold-weather climates

Drape a home exterior in multicolored lights with these pretty and affordable Christmas lights. This two-pack of strands from Joomer features blue, red, yellow, and green LED lights to create a bright Christmas backdrop. The 200-LED strands measure 72 feet long, ideal for decorating eaves, trees, and gardens.

A ground-stake solar panel helps users place these solar Christmas lights just about anywhere outdoors. They’ll automatically switch off and charge during the day, then switch on once night falls. These lights quickly reach a full charge in 6 hours to provide 8 hours of lighting. Choose from eight different lighting modes, including different flashing light-show modes, to create the ideal ambience.

Get the Joomer solar Christmas lights at Amazon or Joomer

Best Classic

Huacenmy C6 Strawberry Solar Christmas Lights

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Product Specs 

  • Length: 21 feet
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Runtime: 6 to 8 hours


  • Each string is 21 feet long and comes with 8 lighting modes for ample adjustability
  • Waterproof construction enables both outdoor and indoor use
  • Lasts for 6 to 8 hours after charging for 6 hours in the sun


  • Lighting modes cannot be adjusted via remote; requires a switch on the solar panel
  • Shorter length than some comparable options on this list

Those who want a classic Christmas aesthetic this holiday season might want to take a look at these strawberry solar-powered lights from Huacenmy. Shaped like diamond strawberries, this 21-foot string of 50 multicolored 2-inch LED lights is perfect for use as both indoor and outdoor Christmas lights. The bulbs, which are about 4 inches apart, last 6 to 8 hours on a full 6-hour charge via solar panel. These solar lights also come with eight operating modes, including combination, in wave, sequential, slo glo, flashing, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on.

The included solar panel comes with a switch for controlling the lighting modes, has a spike for planting in a garden or turf if desired, comes with a 3.2-foot lead wire length, and has a waterproof construction to withstand the elements no matter the season.

Get the Huacenmy Christmas lights at Amazon.

Best Fairy Lights

Brightever Outdoor Solar String Lights

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Product Specs

  • Length: 72 feet each
  • Color: Warm white (also comes in daylight white, blue, purple, orange, and RGB)
  • Runtime: 10 hours


  • Provide a daintier look than traditional lights; great for illuminating trees
  • Flexible copper wire allows for versatile placement
  • Up to 10 hours of runtime, plus a pack of 4 strings to cover outdoor spaces


  • Small bulbs in fairy lights are dimmer than larger lights

Fairy lights can add a delicate touch to holiday decorations. This set from Brightever features tiny warm-white bulbs that cast an elegant glimmer. Since fairy lights are much smaller than classic Christmas lights, additional lights are usually needed to make a statement. This set includes four 72-foot light strands, each with 200 LEDs, for a total of 288 feet of lighting.

A full charge throughout the day provides these LED solar string lights with up to 10 hours of runtime. With eight different lighting modes, these dainty copper-wire strands can add a charming glimmer to bushes, gardens, and patios.

Get the Brightever solar Christmas lights at Amazon.

Best Rope Lights

Eueasy Solar Rope Lights

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Product Specs 

  • Length: 42.7 feet
  • Color: Warm white
  • Runtime: 8-plus hours


  • Made with an IP65 waterproof, sunproof, and frostproof construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Lasts at least 8 hours; a built-in sensor turns the unit on at night and off during the day
  • Easy to install with flexible rope; simply lay it out, allow it to charge, and enjoy
  • Suitable for special occasions and for use on banisters, trees, pathways, decks, and courtyards


  • May take longer to charge than some sets; only charges when on

Those who want to light their trees, handrails, fences, decks, and even courtyards this holiday season can rely on this rope light from Eueasy. This 42.7-foot-long PVC and copper rope light is made for indoor or outdoor use with its IP65 waterproof, sunproof, and frostproof construction. The rope has more than 130 LED bulbs, comes with a long-lasting 8-hour 800 milliamp-hour battery, and has eight lighting modes for ample adjustability.

For added convenience, this warm-white rope light has a sensor that automatically turns on the LED lights at night and then off again during the day. To install, simply assemble the stake, remove the film from the panel, and allow the solar panel to charge the unit in the sun for 6 to 8 hours.

Get the Eueasy solar Christmas lights at Amazon.

Best Curtain

Whywhife 300 LED Solar Curtain String Lights

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Product Specs 

  • Length: 9.8 feet
  • Color: White, multicolor, and warm white
  • Runtime: 12 to 24 hours


  • Comes with more than 300 LED solar lights throughout all 10 vertically hanging strands
  • For indoor and outdoor use with durable ABS and copper construction; has IP65 waterproof certification
  • Comes with 10 hanging hooks, 8 lighting modes, and a remote control
  • Stores electricity for more than 40 hours; works on sunny and cloudy days


  • Very short compared to similar options on the market

The Whywhife solar curtain lights are a good choice for those who want to decorate their windows, decks, or curtains. These ABS and copper solar lights are made with an IP65-waterproof construction that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The lights’ updated solar panels can run all 300 LED bulbs on a full 6-hour charge for 12 to 24 hours. Each unit has 10 strings of vertically hanging lights all held together by one 9.8-foot horizontal strand and comes with 10 hanging hooks.

These solar string lights are among the more user-friendly options on this list due to their smart remote control, eight different light modes, multiple light color options, brightness and timing adjustment, and soft wiring. Plus, the solar panel is capable of storing electricity for up to 40 hours to work on cloudy days as well as sunny ones.

Get the Whywhife solar Christmas lights at Amazon.

Best Spotlights

Jsot 7-Color Changing Solar Spot Lights

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Product Specs

  • Length: 12.9 inches tall
  • Color: 7 color options (green, red, yellow, blue, cyan, purple, white, plus cycling option)
  • Runtime: 6 to 8 hours


  • Wide range of color options can suit many design preferences
  • Charges in only 4 to 6 hours; great for the winter’s limited sunshine
  • 2 color-cycling modes create a striking light display


  • 6- to 8-hour runtime might not last through the night

Spotlights can add a wash of color to a home without the need to hang up string lights. With these color-changing lights from Jsot, shoppers can create their ideal holiday landscape. This set includes four spotlights, each with seven color options. Shoppers can choose green, red, yellow, blue, cyan, purple, or white lighting to create a colorful Christmas scene or light up the home year-round.

The bright spotlights charge automatically during the day, and 4 to 6 hours of sunlight will provide 6 to 8 hours of runtime at night. To liven up a holiday setup, the spotlights have two color-cycling modes. For more flexibility, these spotlights can be wall-mounted or placed in the yard with their included ground stake.

Get the Jsot solar Christmas lights at Amazon.

Best for Pathways

Unique Gadgets u0026 Toys Solar-Powered Christmas Lights

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Product Specs

  • Length: 25.8 inches tall
  • Color: 7 rotating color options (white, pink, red, orange, green, purple, and blue)
  • Runtime: 8 hours


  • Sturdy metal stake allows for simple installation in common outdoor areas
  • Integrated solar panels make setup easy
  • Each charge lasts up to 8 hours; they switch on automatically at dusk


  • Does not have a solid-color mode; cycles through 7 different colors
  • Could get pricey to line a long path

Give pathways a festive flair with novelty pathway lights. This set from Unique Gadgets & Toys features a light-up Christmas tree design. Two lights are included, and each is mounted on a sturdy metal stake to set up in the garden. The solar panel is integrated into the stake, so users don’t need to install separate parts.

Each LED light rotates through seven eye-catching color options: white, pink, red, orange, green, purple, and blue. After a day of charging, they’ll switch on automatically at dusk to

brighten up a Christmas display

. Each charge lasts up to 8 hours. With no outlets required, these stake lights are simple to set up along paths, flower beds, or anywhere else in the yard.

Get the Unique Gadgets & Toys solar Christmas lights at Amazon.

Best For Year-round Use

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar-Powered String Lights

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Product Specs

  • Length: 2 length options (27 feet or 48 feet)
  • Color: Warm white
  • Runtime: 5 to 6 hours


  • Shatterproof and weather-resistant construction; can stay up all year
  • Large bulbs provide brighter lighting; ideal for backyards
  • Edison-style bulbs provide a vintage look


  • The 3-foot spacing between lights may be too far apart

Those looking for pretty solar lighting year-round will want to check out these vintage Edison lights from Brightech. Offering two length options (27 or 48 feet), these lights are a great choice for adding holiday or mood lighting to a patio, gazebo, or pergola. The strand features 15 large Edison bulbs, which offer a charming and homey appearance. The warm-white coloring makes them ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere. Plus, they’re shatterproof, weatherproof, and able to withstand cold and winds of up to 50 miles per hour, ensuring they will last through severe weather.

Since these lights don’t have a seasonal design, they can be used as Christmas lights or everyday lighting. After 6 hours of charging, they’ll last 5 to 6 hours into the night to light up Christmas decor or a summer barbecue.

Get the Brightech solar Christmas lights at Amazon or Brightech

Best Novelty

Brightown Solar Christmas Snowflake String Lights

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Product Specs

  • Length: 39 feet
  • Color: Warm white, white, and multicolor
  • Runtime: 8 to 10 hours


  • Dainty snowflake-shaped lights provide a festive look with a warm white color
  • Solar charger adjusts up to 180 degrees to maximize solar gain for time of year
  • Impressive runtime up to 10 hours on charging time of only 4 to 6 hours


  • Small snowflakes may be hard to spot from a distance

Shoppers can turn any front porch or backyard into a holiday wonderland with these warm snowflake lights from Brightown. The 39-foot-long string features 100 small snowflake lights, creating a dainty look ideal for draping around a tree, porch railing, or garden.

These energy-saving lights use an LED bulb with a golden glow, similar to traditional incandescent lights. With eight lighting modes, they’re a charming choice for Christmas decorating. Cycle between modes like twinkle, flash, gradual, and more to bring a sparkle to these snowflakes. After charging during the day from the adjustable solar panel, these lights will shine for 8 to 10 hours.

Get the Brightown solar Christmas lights at Amazon.

Also Consider

Lezonic Solar Christmas Lights

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Product Specs 

  • Length: 24 feet
  • Color: Warm white, white, blue, and multicolor
  • Runtime: 10 to 14 hours


  • Large bulbs provide a lot of light and a unique look; each string comes with 50 LED lights
  • 4 color options offered to suit multiple users’ preferences or match current Christmas decor
  • IP65 waterproof construction is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Batteries may not be as reliable as some other comparable options

For a unique option, shoppers will want to consider these crystal ball-like lights from Lezonic. They have eight lighting modes, fifty 1-inch LED bulbs per strand, and four color options available. These indoor and outdoor lights have an IP65 waterproof construction as well. The 24-foot globe lights work continuously for 10 to 14 hours on a 6- to 8-hour charge and come with a memory function that resumes the last chosen mode after being turned on and off.

Get the Lezonic solar Christmas lights at Amazon

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What to Consider When Choosing Solar Christmas Lights

Twinkling solar Christmas lights can spread holiday cheer to neighbors and passersby without a bump in the electric bill. Consider pairing them with outdoor solar Christmas decorations for an eco-friendly landscape. Although solar lights are less popular than corded versions, there’s still a variety of types, sizes, and colors to choose from to create an ideal lighting setup. Here are several features to look for when setting up an environmentally friendly lighting display this holiday season.

Light Source Type

When it comes to Christmas lights, there are two main light source types: incandescent bulbs and LED lights. Most solar-power Christmas lights have LEDs, while traditional Christmas lights typically have incandescent bulbs, which have a characteristic warm glow.

Traditional Christmas lights are generally more affordable but use more energy, resulting in a higher electric bill. LED Christmas lights often cost more upfront but use less energy, saving money in the long run. Because solar string lights require less energy, they tend to use LEDs.

LED Christmas lights typically last longer and are more durable than their incandescent counterparts. They also stay cool to the touch, so they’re safer to use around children and pets.

These days, LEDs are available in a variety of color temperatures, so the bluish light associated with early LEDs is no longer the only option.

Types of Solar Panels

The most common solar panel types include monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline tend to be more efficient than thin-film options, while thin-film panels are the most portable.

Many traditional solar lights use monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels. Their efficiency and higher wattage make them excellent for powering outdoor lights. However, it’s common to find solar Christmas lights that don’t display their solar panel type. If the solar panel type is not listed on the Christmas lights, there’s no need to worry. Most solar Christmas light manufacturers share the light’s charging time and runtime, which gives shoppers a good idea of how efficient the lights will be and if they’re suitable for their needs.

Charging Time and Runtime

Solar Christmas lights need exposure to sunlight to charge during the day. Once night falls, the lights will either switch on manually or through a timer or sensor.

A solar light’s charging time refers to how long it takes for the light to charge to full capacity. To ensure proper charging, the solar panel should always be placed in a sunny area—the lights will take longer to charge in shady spots, and on cloudy days they may not charge at all. Charging time can range from 4 to 10 hours.

One major benefit of solar-powered Christmas lights is they don’t need an outlet or extension cord to power on. However, since they don’t have a constant power source, they have a limited runtime. Most solar Christmas lights have a runtime ranging from 6 to 10 hours.

Length and Number of Lights

Christmas light strands can span from a few feet to decorate an entryway to over 100 feet to drape across an entire garden. When choosing the strand length, consider the intended coverage area.

For decorating a small surface, like a doorway or arbor, a short strand is sufficient. For adorning an entire porch, building, or trees and bushes in the yard, opt for a long strand. It’s best to go with a slightly longer strand than needed—it’s better for lights to be a little too long than too short.

Also consider the size and number of lights on the strand, which will affect how dense or sparse the strand looks. A denser strand will be brighter and more eye-catching than a strand with scattered lights.

Brightness and Light Modes

Adjustable brightness and light modes can add more flexibility to a holiday display. Variable brightness levels allow users to customize the look of their holiday lighting, so they can choose between bright, dramatic lighting or subtler accent lighting. Dimmers also allow the lighting to be lowered or raised to set the mood when spending time on the patio or porch.

Different lighting modes can add even more drama to a lighting display. Light modes can include various colors, cascading twinkle strands, blinking lights, and even lights that switch on and off to a tune. They can also include more practical lighting settings, like automatic on/off modes or timer features.

Easy Bulb Replacement

Christmas light bulbs will burn out eventually. Windy conditions and accidents can cause bulbs to break before their time. In some cases, a broken bulb can cause the entire strand not to work, putting a damper on decorating plans.

To prepare for these scenarios, look for solar Christmas lights with easily replaceable bulbs. If the Christmas lights have an encasement, look for options that are simple to remove and replace so users can access the bulb inside. Also, keep in mind that LED bulbs can last several years, so LED light strands are a good option to avoid dealing with frequent replacements.


Solar Christmas lights are a low-maintenance, energy-saving upgrade to standard plug-in lights—not to mention they’re better for the environment. While our guide offered advice that shoppers can follow, some usually have additional questions about buying the best solar Christmas lights for their homes. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on buying and using solar Christmas lights.

Q. What are the brightest solar Christmas lights?

The brightest Christmas display option that we recommend is the Brightech Ambience solar Christmas lights, which offer 1 watt per bulb.

Q. How long will my solar Christmas lights last?

Solar Christmas lights can last more than a decade but may need replacement batteries or bulbs after 3 or 4 years.

Q. What will happen if my solar Christmas lights don’t charge fully?

Solar Christmas lights that don’t charge fully during the day will have a shorter runtime when switched on.

Q. Are solar Christmas lights waterproof?

Because they’re designed for outdoor use, most solar Christmas lights are waterproof. Before buying, shoppers will want to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best placement locations.

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