Bob Vila Radio: Kitchen Cabinet Design

If your kitchen feels a little crowded and cramped, the solution starts with your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Design



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The way they’re designed is a big factor:  cabinets are far more user-friendly than they used to be. The floor-to ceiling pantry cabinet with fold-out storage on the doors is a really popular option for storing cans and spices, and pull-out shelving and deep drawers has all but replaced the conventional box cabinet, because they make finding and reaching things so much easier.

Overhead cabinets are great if your kitchen is ample, but in a small kitchen they can be a little oppressive.  Glass-fronted cabinets open things up a little, and if you keep things neat, open shelving is a great way to display dishes and collectibles. Remember, cabinets should be designed as point-of-use storage:  if you keep things right where you use them, work in the kitchen gets a lot more efficient, and a lot more fun!

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