Master the Art of Tile Cutting With the DeWalt Tile Saw: A Hands-On Review

I tested the DeWalt D24000S wet tile saw and was genuinely impressed with its performance and solid build.
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The DeWalt 10-inch wet tile saw set up to cut tiles in a driveway
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

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The DeWalt D24000S 10-inch wet tile saw is a game changer for tile-setting projects. With a robust 1.5-horsepower (hp) motor and the ability to make rip, plunge, and beveled cuts, this top-notch DeWalt tool makes precise tile cutting a breeze.

A good wet tile saw is crucial for cutting various types of tile because the water it uses eliminates clouds of airborne dust and keeps the tile and blade from overheating, which can cause the tile to crack. I tested the DeWalt tile saw as part of a comprehensive, hands-on evaluation of the best tile saws on the market. While I discovered several good wet tile saws, I was highly impressed with the D24000S’s features and overall usability. The DeWalt wet saw earned the top spot in my testing lineup thanks to its power, performance, and superior cutting ability.

The DeWalt D24000S wet tile saw isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn close. Find out what I liked, didn’t like, and who I think will benefit most from investing in this robust power tool.

DeWalt 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw: At a Glance

A person using the easy blade replacement feature on the DeWalt 10-inch wet tile saw to swap out the blade
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Rating: 9.5/10


  • Superior cutting power; 1.5-hp motor delivers an outstanding cutting performance
  • Makes a variety of cuts—up to 25-inch rip cuts, 28-inch plunge cuts, and 45-degree angle cuts
  • Quick assembly; takes only 10 minutes to attach the saw frame to the base
  • Stable stand with adjustable leg height offers maximum support while cutting tiles
  • Excellent water flow on the blade completely eliminates airborne dust
  • Makes a great permanent addition; stand can be bolted down to make a permanent tile saw in a shop setting
  • Safe against shocks; comes with a GFCI switch on the cord for optimal safety
  • Onboard storage; blade-change wrenches stow right on the tool body for quick access


  • Needs additional blades for some materials; the included blade may not hold up to extended cutting of porcelain tile
  • Price might be an obstacle; it’s a pricey saw compared to the other models in our lineup of the best tile saws
  • Limited portability; it takes 10 minutes to remove or reattach the base, which adds up if you need to move the saw regularly

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What is the DeWalt tile saw?

The DeWalt D24000S is a tile setter’s dream. It boasts a powerful 1.5-hp motor, and in testing, it readily made up to 25-inch rip cuts, 28-inch plunge cuts, and 45-degree angle cuts, making it well suited for a wide range of tile projects.

The saw comes equipped with adjustable legs, providing flexibility for various work heights. Those seeking a more permanent setup akin to a workshop environment have the option to bolt down the stand. The saw’s water management system features a water basin with a pump that supplies a steady stream of water through two tubes on either side of the blade. The water keeps the blade and the tile cool as the user cuts, and it suppresses dust.

Although it’s a powerhouse, the DeWalt D24000S wet tile saw boasts a relatively compact design. It measures 20.4 inches tall by 29.2 inches wide by 36 inches deep, so it doesn’t take up as much room as some similar table models. The saw can handle diagonal cut sizes up to a maximum of 18 inches and has a miter gauge for accurate measuring. While the DeWalt saw is prized for its ability to cut large-format tiles, I found the nonslip sliding table made it just as easy to cut tiny tile shapes, holding them securely without movement.

Another perk: The DeWalt D24000S comes with superior safety features, including a blade guard and a GFCI switch on its cord that guards against accidental shocks.

The DeWalt 10-inch wet tile saw set up to cut at a 45-degree angle
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Is the included stand sturdy and easy to set up?

The steel stand that comes with the DeWalt D24000S wet tile saw is impressively sturdy and can be assembled in approximately 10 minutes using the included wrench. The saw comes with clear, illustrated assembly instructions that walk the user through the process. I didn’t experience any problems with assembly.

A minor drawback to the stand is that it’s top-heavy and may tip if not adequately secured in the back of a truck. Thus, it’s probably a good idea to disassemble it for transportation, which slightly reduces the saw’s overall portability factor. Still, I think most tile setters will find assembling and disassembling to be a small inconvenience for using a tool with such precise cutting ability.

A person showing the edge of a tile that's been cut at a 45-degree angle using the DeWalt 10-inch wet tile saw
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

What types of tile can the DeWalt wet saw cut with precision?

This powerful saw is versatile enough to handle various tile materials, including challenging ones like porcelain, thanks to its robust 1.5-hp motor. While it performed admirably during my tests on ceramic, travertine, glass, and slate tiles, I found it cut through porcelain tile much more slowly.

This is only a reflection on the included blade, however, and not the tile saw itself. I swapped in a 10-inch Husqvarna blade explicitly made for porcelain, and the saw cut much quicker. DeWalt also recommends the DeWalt DW4762 10-inch blade for cutting porcelain, but I didn’t have that one on hand. Since blades wear down faster when working extensively with harder materials like porcelain, it’s a good idea to consider keeping a spare one around.

When it comes to precision-cut edges, the DeWalt wet saw delivered straight and clean edges throughout my tests, and I didn’t notice any chipping. As I positioned the tiles on the table and guided them toward the blade, they remained securely in place on the nonslip table surface—no sliding or wobbling. This put the D24000S firmly at the top of the list of quality tile saws.

How does the DeWalt tile saw perform compared to other leading wet saws?

After I’d tested a variety of top-tier wet tile saws, it was clear the DeWalt D24000S was the best overall performer. Its powerful motor, precision cutting ability, and versatile features made it the undisputed winner, but I found several saws also worth noting.

For those prioritizing portability, the DeWalt DWC860W 4⅜-inch wet/dry handheld tile cutter stands out because it can be used anywhere, making it handy for cutting tile on the fly. Plus, it doubles as dry masonry saw in a pinch.

For those seeking large-format cutting capacity, the Ridgid R4041S 8-inch wet tile saw, with a 48-inch rip capacity, is great; however, the D24000S still edges it out power-wise. Budget-conscious DIYers may find the Skil 7-inch 3540-02 wet tile saw a better option, as it offers impressive cutting capabilities at a more affordable price. Still, in my tests, it was best suited to ceramic tile only. For those looking for a highly portable solution, the Kobalt 4-inch handheld tile saw’s cordless design means it can go anywhere—even remote locations without electrical obvcutlets.

A close up of the blade of the DeWalt 10-inch wet tile saw spinning while water sprays onto it
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Is the DeWalt wet tile saw worth the money? 

From a contractor standpoint, the DeWalt D24000S wet tile saw justifies its price tag, making it a worthy investment for pros or advanced DIYers seeking to enhance their tile-setting ability. While other good options for cutting tile exist, the D24000S boasts impressive cutting speed, unrivaled precision, and enhanced safety features. Plus, its water-delivery system eliminates dust during operation.

The DeWalt D24000S wet saw is tailor-made for advanced DIYers seeking to elevate their tile-setting projects and for professional tile setters who demand top-tier performance and precision. Its versatile features and robust construction make it a valuable tool for those dedicated to achieving flawless results in their tile installations.

However, for occasional or infrequent tile projects or individuals on a tight budget, the higher price point of the D24000S means it may not be the most suitable investment for everyone. In such cases, more budget-friendly options with adequate performance may be a better fit. And for small jobs, such as replacing just one or two tiles, a manual tile cutter may be all that’s needed.

Where to Buy the DeWalt Wet Tile Saw

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