DIY Bench From a Repurposed Door

Not only is this easy-to-replicate bench a cool addition to a country chic home, but it only takes a single hour to build!

By Thistlewood Farms | Updated Sep 16, 2020 7:18 PM

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How to Build Bench

One of the enjoyable things about reading Thistlewood Farms is the playful way that KariAnne puts things. But when she wanted to feature her brother’s genius DIY bench made with a vintage door, she let the project speak for itself. The best part is that with little more than an old door and some 2 x 4 boards, you can recreate this project in your own home. Read on to see how it’s done. 


– Weathered door (panelled is best)
– Power saw
– Several 2 x 4s
– Power drill
– Screws


Cut the door in half horizontally so you are left with the two long panels intact and the two short panels intact.  (If you have a proper door the cut will not be far from the “halfway point” but instead where the panels are divided.)


Cut the long panels in half vertically. I made the cut slightly off center, so the “longer” half would be used as the back and give it a little more height.  The other piece I will call the “seat panel”.

DIY Door Project


Assemble a base using 2 x4’s. I cut two long pieces the length of the “seat panel.” And then made several “ribs” the width of the seat panel minus the 2×4 boards I cut for the width. The end result should be a rectangle with support pieces in the middle. Note:  I made my box width smaller by 2 inches to allow the seat panel to overhang for a more comfortable seat.


Attach the 2×4 base to the seat panel using nails or screws. In my application I cut a piece of plywood to go underneath (between the door and the 2×4 box). It provides stability as well as keeping the panel from caving in.

Door Into DIY Bench


Attach the back at to the base. On the placement, I tried to give as much height to the back as possible and still give myself enough room to put two rows of screws.


Time to make the sides. Cut the bottom door panels in half exactly.


Attached the cut bottom/side panels to the already constructed bench in line with the back. These can face either way you prefer, but make sure they match. I placed them so the thicker part of the panel faced back. Note: to get a good arm height you may need to cut some off of the bottom panels. For the arm rests I added pew tops from another project.


I added a small 2×4 leg for extra support.  Other than that paint it and you are good.

DIY Bench with Old Door

Thanks, KariAnne! For more fun DIYs, check out Thistlewood Farms.