Electricians: 5 Reasons Why Home Depot Deserves Another Look

The Home Depot not only provides homeowners a cheap and efficient way to get the supplies they need, they work with professional contractors as well to help them save money, get the goods they need and save valuable time.

By Michael Franco | Published Jan 15, 2014 3:53 PM

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Electrical Supply - The Home Depot

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Ever since the first two stores opened in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979, The Home Depot has been a storehouse for the supplies do-it-yourselfers need to undertake home improvement projects—from changing a light bulb to constructing an addition.

But The Home Depot has also helped revolutionize the way in which professional contractors—especially electricians—conduct their business. If you’re a licensed electrician who gets supplies from somewhere other than The Home Depot, here are five reasons why you might want to reconsider:


With over 2,200 locations across the United States, chances are good that there’s going to be a Home Depot fairly close to most any job site. This means if you run into a surprise on the job or run out of a supply you thought you had on the truck, help is a short drive away. Another convenient aspect of shopping for electrical supplies at Home Depot is the store’s hours. According to Dan Taylor, a licensed electrician in Asheville, North Carolina: “Home Depot is open at times when the other electrical supply places are closed. They stay open until nine at night, whereas most electrical supply places close at five. They are also open on Saturday and Sunday when other stores are closed.”


According to Taylor, “Large retailers like Home Depot have the ability to buy in bulk. They can purchase wire like Romex by the tractor loads and pass the savings on to the customer.” Not only are Home Depot’s normal prices on electrical supplies typically cheaper than other stores, but they also offer two additional ways to save. Many items in the electrical department have bulk pricing options which are clearly marked on the store shelves and on the company’s website. So for often-used items like junctions boxes and switches, buying in bulk can save significant cash. Also, the company offers electrical contractors special volume pricing on orders exceeding $2500. The savings gleaned from shopping at Home Depot can be passed onto customers to make your business highly competitive, or applied to your own bottom line to boost your profitability.


With the average Home Depot store spreading across 104,000 square feet of space, there’s plenty of room to keep a lot in stock. Electricians can find everything from lighting fixtures and smoke detectors to armored cable, outdoor electrical wire and conduit. And if something’s not in stock, by working with Home Depot’s Pro Desk, electricians can special order anything they need and even have it delivered straight to a job site, saving valuable time.

Pro App

One of the biggest advantages for electrical contractors shopping at Home Depot is their unique Pro App. “With the mobile app on my phone, I can look and see if an electrical item is in stock and where it’s located in the store,” says Taylor. “It also gives me the option to go pick up the item and know that I’m going to get the right part.” In addition to helping streamline the supply process, the Pro App also allows for online receipts, which can be easily forwarded to customers, and it provides easy access to Home Depot’s Pro Desk which specializes in helping contractors run their business in the most efficient way possible.


Commercial Credit

Home Depot offers electrical contractors two handy credit options. The Commercial Credit Account requires payment in full each month, but allows you to issue cards to your employees, track expenditures online and set up PO numbers. The Commercial Revolving Charge Account allows you to carry a balance and make low payments each month (or you can pay in full), plus it provides itemized billing by job name. Both accounts have no annual fee, so they provide extra flexibility in running your business at no extra cost.

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