Bob Vila Radio: Impact-Resistant Windows

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Published Aug 28, 2012 5:00 AM

While shutters are the traditional line of defense against storms, break-ins, and the hot sun, unfortunately you have to be home to put them to use. Impact-resistant glass is a great built-in option for protecting your home from storm damage, theft, or even just road noise!

Impact-Resistant Windows


At Home with Bob Vila – Impact-Resistant Windows

Listen to BOB VILA ON IMPACT-RESISTANT WINDOWS, or read text below:

Impact-resistant glass weighs five times what conventional window glass weighs. Two layers of tempered glass, like the glass in your car’s windshield, are pressed together and heated with a layer of super-strong, flexible poly vinyl butyrol film in between.

The glass, super-strong silicone glazing, and specially engineered frame of an impact-resistant window is really a system, and they all work together to resist wind pressure, the force of airborne projectiles, a thief’s attempts to break in, or sound waves from heavy traffic or industry nearby.

Some manufacturers can now add a low-emissivity coating to the glass to keep out the heat of the day as well!

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