Bob Vila Radio: Quick Tips for Raking Leaves

Raking leaves isn't hard, but it is a pain. However, there are some easy tips you can follow to make this autumn chore less of a hassle.

Autumn leaves are lovely – at least until they’re carpeting your lawn…and raking them has become yet another item on your long list of to-do’s. Here are some ways you can make the chore a bit easier.

Leaf Raking Tips



Listen to BOB VILA ON RAKING LEAVES or read below:

Wait until most of the leaves have fallen to reduce the number of clean-up sessions. And use the right tool for the job. Look for a rake with a wide tine spread, about 30 inches, and a “no clog” label. Its angled tines will keep the rake from piercing leaves and bunching them up at the ends of the tines.

Rake in the same direction as the wind. That’ll help you move the leaves along. Separate your lawn into zones and rake from one end to the other in rows. Bag each row’s pile separately to keep them from being blown around again, undoing all your hard work.

Also bear in mind that unless you have an extra-thick layer of leaves to deal with, you can always mulch them with your mower. Before you do, though, you’ll want to make sure the blade on your mower is sharp.

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