Get SimpliSafe’s New Cutting-Edge Indoor Camera for Free During Their July 4th Sale

Going on vacation? Don't leave your home vulnerable to intruders. SimpliSafe's new camera—and July 4th sale—make it the best time to invest in your home's security.
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SimpliSafe Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera


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Just in time for its July 4th sale, SimpliSafe has unveiled a new, improved, and more technologically sophisticated indoor camera that promises to stop intruders in their tracks.

The new Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera is a compact indoor camera that’s geared toward DIY installation: It can be both mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface and connects via Wi-Fi. But where it truly shines is in its monitoring capabilities.

Cutting-Edge Monitoring Technology

This new camera is compatible with SimpliSafe‘s smart motion detection and 24/7 live guard protection breakthrough technology: should an intruder break into your home, not only can monitoring agents record what’s happening, but they can also see and speak to the intruders via two-way audio.

The camera is equipped with even more capabilities that stop intruders in their tracks. It can:

  • Trigger an alarm and deter intruders with a built-in siren.
  • Distinguish between pets and intruders using AI technology, so there are fewer false alarms.
  • Trigger a faster police response by capturing video evidence.

Right now, during SimpliSafe’s 4th of July sale, new customers can get 50 percent off any system and get this new and improved wireless indoor camera for FREE with Fast Protect Monitoring.

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Prices are accurate as of the publication of this article on 6/27/2023.