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A DIY Upgrade with the Waterdrop X Series Can Deliver Cleaner Drinking Water in Just 2 Seconds

Get 11 stages of filtration with this under-sink reverse osmosis system.
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New Waterdrop X12 Reverse Osmosis System sits next to the sink and smart faucet in a family kitchen.

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Local tap water is treated and tested to ensure that it meets a basic level of safety for the community. The quality of the water, however, can vary in both flavor and purity, depending on where you live. Moreover, many towns have either hard water (with high amounts of minerals) or soft water (with a low mineral count), which can affect your home’s plumbing infrastructure and also your household’s health.


Improving the quality of drinking water only takes a single installation. Waterdrop’s newest reverse osmosis systems offer the most efficient filtration at an industry-leading flow rate. Learn More About Waterdrop X Series Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems

A reverse osmosis (RO) system can bring peace of mind as one of the most efficient and effective ways to filter impurities from drinking water. RO units force water through semipermeable membranes in a multistage filtration process to filter out chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, salt, sediments, and more. And now one of the newest systems on the market from Waterdrop, a leader in water filtration, offers unmatched speed—all with one convenient DIY installation under your kitchen sink.

The Waterdrop X Series Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis System comes in two different versions based on flow rate: The X12 offers homeowners a 1,200 gallon-per-day option, which is great for smaller families with lower water demands, while the X16 boasts the highest flow rate in the industry at 1,600 gallons per day. In either setup, water flows through 11 filtration stages made up of 18 different filtration layers to provide homeowners with on-demand water that is both safe and healthy. 

Woman filling a glass of filtered water from the Waterdrop X16 smart faucet
Photo: Courtesy of Waterdrop

Industry-Leading Flow Rate

The 1,600 gallon-per-day (GPD) flow rate of the Waterdrop X16 Reverse Osmosis Under-Sink System—the filtration brand’s latest groundbreaking RO system and smart faucet—is an industry-leading accomplishment that delivers filtered water at a greatly improved rate. This allows the Waterdrop X16 water filtration system to fill a 6-ounce cup in just 2 seconds (3 seconds for the X12 with its 1,200 GPD rating). In other words, you could fill eight standard-size water bottles in under a minute—convenient for everyday use, but especially time-saving when you need to fill several bottles on your way out the door.

11-Stage Precision Filtration

The Waterdrop X Series filters drinking water through more stages than any of its predecessors at impressive speed. A total of 16 filtering layers in the X12 (18 filtering layers in X16) plus 11 stages of precision filtration effectively reduce a broad range of contaminants, including total dissolved solids, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and lead. With a filter pore size of 0.0001 microns, the Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis water filtration system boasts a 99.99 percent substance reduction rate, guaranteeing safe drinking water.

The Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis filtration systems have been thoroughly tested against the NSF/ANSI 58 standard for the reduction of total dissolved solids. Additionally, they’re certified against the NSF 372 standard for low-lead content in plumbing products and components used in potable water systems, ensuring the use of low-lead or lead-free materials. 

Remineralization Technology

The Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis filtration system doesn’t just filter contaminants from the water—it also adjusts the pH of the water using built-in remineralization technology. The unit adds specific mineral crystals to the water to mimic the composition and natural formation of spring water. This remineralization process helps to bring the pH of the water to an optimal 7.5±, just higher than the average pH of drinking water (7) and into an alkaline range. The reintroduction of minerals enhances the water’s taste so that it’s not too clean and brings potential health benefits of alkaline water, including promoting bone strength through small amounts of mineral supplements.

Change the flow on the smart display of Waterdrop's X12 or X16.
Photo: Courtesy of Waterdrop

Smart Design, in More Ways Than One

Thanks to Waterdrop’s thoughtful package, you don’t need a plumbing background to upgrade your drinking water with these X Series systems. The Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis system is straightforward enough for a DIYer to install on their own with the help of the manufacturer’s step-by-step guide. Quick-connect fittings make it easy for the unit’s input and drain water tubing to tie into your cold water supply and drainpipe, respectively, with a leak-free seal. And its smart faucet fits in most countertops’ existing faucet hole. The F2 filter, F1A filter, and X16-F3 filter are all packaged neatly into the tower’s tankless design, which sits in cabinet space below the kitchen sink.

Once set up, the sleek faucet design not only manages water volume control but also displays pertinent water-quality details. The smart faucet monitors the total dissolved solids (TDS) to provide a real-time water-quality measurement. Plus, it keeps tabs on your filter so that you know exactly when it’s ready to replace—particularly helpful, given that these filters rarely need to be changed out. (These long-lasting filters boast a 24-month lifespan!)

Efficient and Sustainable

Not only does the system prioritize household health through its filtration of drinking water, but its efficient design also promotes sustainability. The long lifespan of filters is convenient and also means there’s less to dispose of. The water filtration system has an efficient 3:1 water ratio that helps to conserve water resources. (By comparison, other tankless RO water-to-wastewater ratios are typically around 1.5:1 or 2:1.) When the Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis filtration system is set to the energy-saving mode, users enjoy a 40 percent power savings and practically silent operation. True to the mission, even the packaging for the Waterdrop system is made of sustainable and compostable materials. 

Altogether, cleaner, healthier drinking water is more convenient and accessible than ever.

Get the Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis Under-Sink System at Waterdrop or at Amazon starting at $1,299.

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