How To Attract

Crows to Your Yard

Although other species can be lured to a yard with bird feeders, many types of corvids are too big to easily access the average feeder. These medium-to-large birds don’t mind feeding from the ground.

1. Forget the feeder.

A crow’s diet can include pretty much anything: insects, frogs, snakes, shellfish, eggs, bird chicks, seeds, grain, suet, berries, corn, fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, and cherries), and even garbage.

2. Set out crows’  favorite food.

They prefer horizontal roosts such as building edges, fences, tree limbs, and utility wires.

4. Give crows a place to roost.

Loud, sudden, random—and, especially, unnatural—noises can spook them.

6. Keep noise levels down.

Crows use distinctive calls for different purposes: distress, alarm, rally, and attention. Be sure to communicate the right type of call to attract these inquisitive birds.

7. Bring them in with  crow calls.

Remove things that frighten crows, such as pets and predators, noise, and large objects such as ladders.

8. Create a safe environment.

They prefer an area surrounded by trees and shrubs that they can use for breeding, and nesting.

10. Ensure they can gather  in open spaces.

Place a few shiny trinkets—old CDs, coins, beads, or anything too large for them to swallow—in a spot where they can reflect sunlight.

11. Attract crows with  shiny objects.

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