Home Design Trends

to Ditch in 2023


1970s Everything

Hang on to your macramé wall art: The seventies are swinging out of style and making way for two new decades, the 50s and the 80s.

Buffalo Check

For 2023, try chunky woven fabrics, an embroidered appliqué that reminds you of grandma’s needlepoint, or earth tones used in new ways!

Barbie Pink

Instead, sage green, emerald, lavender, and good old cobalt blue are back to help us create a lush, peaceful space this year.

Dinner Plates

Coastal grandmother fans may still have formal dining sets with gold-rimmed dinner plates, but most people are ditching formal dining traditions in favor of an eclectic experience based on form and function.

Matte-Black Hardware

Not only are the old metals like brass and copper back, but it’s en vogue to mix and match them.

Caged Light Fixtures

If you still have an Edison light bulb in a cage somewhere in your house, it’s time to set the light free and explore other options.

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