Secret Storage Spots

That are Already in Your Home

2. Kitchen Cabinets

If your cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, climb a ladder and investigate whether there's room between the ceiling and the tops of wall-mounted cabinets.

3. Drawers

Take advantage of the gap behind a drawer—how many thieves are going to take the time to pull drawers off their tracks and out of of your cabinets?

5. False Books and Cans

If you have a few shelves of books inside the home, consider hollowing out a book to make a small storage compartment inside the pages, so that it looks like any other book.

6. Out-Of-Season Clothing

The pockets of jackets make good hiding places for envelope-sized valuables.

8. Tennis or Soccer Ball

Who'd think you'd keep your cash inside your kid's baseball glove, or inside sports balls?

10. False Air Vent

Not many thieves are going to take the time to unscrew and check all of the air vents throughout your home.

11. Wall or Mantel Clock

Most mantel or wall clocks have open cavities in the back or in the base, where a few small items can be kept safe.

13. Old Vacuum Cleaner

After cleaning the inside of the canister thoroughly, hide your valuables inside.

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