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5 Things to Do with... Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles make it easy to hydrate on the go, but they're tough on the environment. They too often end up in landfills where, being non-biodegradable, they will sit for hundreds of y...

Harbor Homes: 6 Lighthouses You Can Live In

If you live in a lighthouse, you never have to leave the beach. Just imagine residing in one of these 7 tower-equipped properties recently listed for sale on Zillow.

AUGUST 23, 2013 | FRIDAY
18 Brilliant Ways to Decorate with Rope

‘Knot’ just for sailing fanatics or decorating summer beach houses anymore, rope has found its way into homes of every style.

Historic House Style Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of American Architecture

Put your knowledge of American architecture to the test in our historic house styles quiz!

JULY 26, 2013 | FRIDAY
Friday Night at the Movies: 12 Must-See Home Improvement Flicks

Take a break from your own projects by watching one of these home-renovation classics. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll—possibly—find comfort in the shared experience of home improvem...

JULY 19, 2013 | FRIDAY
10 Fun Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Water Park

These clever water games and activities will have everybody cooled down and perked up faster than you can say "cannonball!"

JUNE 27, 2013 | THURSDAY
5 Things to Do with... Lattice

Diamond-slatted lattice—it's as iconic as, and perhaps more often seen than, white picket fences. While primarily meant as a structural aid for garden vines, lattice may be put to a varie...

JUNE 24, 2013 | MONDAY
10 Over-the-Top Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Whether you are a cat or dog lover, you want your pet to feel special. Here are ten ways to pamper your four-legged companion to excess.