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This Is the Best Mulch for Flower Beds

There are many different types of mulch available to homeowners, and each has its best use cases. For example, some mulches are designed for aesthetics alone, while others can actually he...

JULY 31, 2023 | MONDAY
13 Charming Ways to Incorporate Picket Fencing on Your Property

Most of us think about function, material, and not much else when it comes time to add fencing to our yards. But a good fence can also add visual appeal and character to the overall lands...

JUNE 30, 2023 | FRIDAY
The One Drawback of Backyard Vegetable Plots Most New Gardeners Overlook

There’s nothing better than harvesting fresh, vine-ripened vegetables you’ve painstakingly cultivated in your own backyard. But organic produce—whether homegrown or purchased at the super...

JUNE 15, 2023 | THURSDAY
9 Tips for Maintaining a Nontraditional Lawn

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass to make you think of warm summer days. But our obsession with perfectly-manicured lawns is fading. With trends like No Mow May growing ...

MAY 24, 2023 | WEDNESDAY
The Government Paid Me to Remove My Lawn—Here’s What Happened

Despite an unusually wet winter, the southwestern United States is still facing a water crisis. Consecutive years of increasing temperatures and lack of precipitation have led to historic...