Joe Provey


Joe Provey is an expert on all things home and garden. His work has appeared in many national magazines, including Popular Mechanics, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, and Fine Homebuilding. Mr. Provey has also written more than dozen books, including Convert Your Home to Solar Energy and 1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization. Other titles include Outdoor Kitchens, Easy Closets, Green-up Your Cleanup, and Design Ideas for Flooring. Currently, Mr. Provey serves as the president of Home & Garden Editorial Services (HGES), a company that produces books for publishers in the home and garden category. In the past, he has been chief editor to several national home improvement magazines, including The Family Handyman, Mechanix Illustrated, and Practical Homeowner. Joe lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with his wife MaryAnn, where they have seven children and four grandchildren between them. Joe Provey on LinkedIn | Google+

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Superior Insulation for Less

You have the desire, the energy, and the skills to beef up the insulation around your house, but the cost of materials has put the job on pause. This was me a few weeks ago. My wife and I...

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How to Refinish Cabinets and Give Your Kitchen a New Look

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How To: Paint Trim

Looking to learn how to paint trim? It's not so different from painting other surfaces in a home. Your method will vary depending on whether or not the trim is already installed. To apply...

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Top Tips for Adding Cabinets in the Bathroom

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