Lori Lovely


Name: Lori Lovely

Title: Contributing Writer

Lori Lovely is an award-winning investigative journalist, writer, editor, children’s book author, and alpaca rancher with nearly three decades of experience in publishing. She has covered everything from motorsports to animal rights—plus construction, heavy equipment, transportation, automotive, environmental, MSW, water, wastewater, energy, solar, Native American issues, real estate, travel, and more.

Expertise and Experience

Recipient of multiple Society of Professional Journalists awards, Lori relishes investigative journalism and takes particular pride in cover stories about the history of the Indianapolis 500, Indiana’s Native American license plate scandal, and the ugly truth behind factory farming.

Her first published story was about a race car, and she spent many years writing about IndyCar and Formula One, at one time serving as a guest racing analyst for WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee. Recent TV appearances and speaking engagements have centered on alpaca farming.

In addition to profiling numerous race car drivers, CEOs, artists, and other interesting people, Lori has spent years writing about heavy equipment and technology. While she enjoys the challenge of technical topics, her favorite subjects have more to do with animals, plants, nature, Native Americans, history, art, and motor racing.

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