Lori Lovely


Lori Lovely is an award-winning journalist, editor, freelance writer and children's book author. She has covered a number of fields in her journalism career, including construction, green building, energy, environmental issues, animals, motorsports, Native American concerns and more. Prior to writing, her background includes working in landscaping and floral design―experience that comes in handy on her Indiana farm, where the lifelong animal lover raises alpacas and chickens. Connect with Lori on LinkedIn.

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JUNE 27, 2022 | MONDAY
How to Grow Dahlia

From 2-inch pom-pom dahlias to the 10- to 15-inch dinnerplate dahlia, this tuber covers the range of bloom size, flower size, plant height, and color better than almost any competitor. Th...

Avoid Volatile Fertilizer Prices With This Alternative for Your Home Landscape

Few would anticipate it affecting gardening, but the war in Ukraine has caused a shift in plant cultivation across the globe. As one of the largest exporters of nitrogen, potash, and othe...

JUNE 21, 2022 | TUESDAY
11 Important Things to Know About Clover Lawns

America’s biodiverse meadows of days gone were slowly converted to French- and English-style monoculture lawns featuring mostly turf grass. By the late 1800s, the neatly trimmed, aestheti...

JUNE 17, 2022 | FRIDAY
23 Types of Hummingbirds All Backyard Birdwatchers Should Know

How many species of hummingbirds are there? More than 330 hummingbird species live in the Western Hemisphere. A couple dozen hummingbird types migrate to the U. S. in the spring to breed—...

JUNE 6, 2022 | MONDAY
How to Attract Birds to Feeders: 13 Simple Strategies That Work

It’s fun and relaxing to watch a diverse assortment of birds flit in and out of your yard, and it’s gratifying to know you’re helping them by providing food, fresh water, or a safe nestin...

MAY 31, 2022 | TUESDAY
How to Grow Milkweed

While most pollinators can survive on a variety of plants, monarch caterpillars rely exclusively on milkweed. The plant provides food and habitat for monarch butterflies and other pollina...

MAY 30, 2022 | MONDAY
How to Grow Cucumbers

Cucumbers have been grown for more than 3,000 years, and this low-calorie relative of watermelon, pumpkin, and squash is still popular today. Cucumbers contain important vitamins and phyt...

MAY 20, 2022 | FRIDAY
Don’t Skip This Step Before Fertilizing Your Lawn

Healthy soil is key to growing a vigorous lawn. Good soil also reduces runoff, erosion, and leaching of surplus fertilizer, which can help your local environment. Not all soil is created ...

APRIL 26, 2022 | TUESDAY
How to Dry Flowers: 5 Easy DIY Methods

Dried flowers provide colorful, long-lasting, low-maintenance floral arrangements without the need for watering. Because they are dehydrated, their colors are muted and they might be more...

APRIL 8, 2022 | FRIDAY
Here’s Why You Should Always Plant Tomato Seedlings Sideways

Tomatoes have long been one of the most popular vegetables for home gardeners to grow. They don’t take up much space, can be grown in containers, and typically produce a lot of fruit. The...