Roseann Foley Henry


Roseann Foley Henry is a writer, editor, and home improvement buff. She and her partner and their two children live in Bayside, where they are ever-so-slowly renovating a classic 1920 Dutch Colonial. Among her writing credits are The Life of a House, the story of a tiny gatekeeper’s lodge that was once home to her great-grandparents in County Clare, Ireland. Check her out on Google +!

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Bob Vila Radio: Crabgrass

Crabgrass is a pesky interloper that can really ruin the look of your lawn. Left unchecked, it can spread quickly across wide areas as its seed travels. Here’s how to stop it in its track...

JUNE 17, 2014 | TUESDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Removing Tree Stumps

At some point, you may need to remove a tree, whether because it’s too close to the house or because it’s dead or dying. Either way, you’ll have to deal with what remains once the tree is...

JUNE 16, 2014 | MONDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Day Lily Care

There are few flowering plants as satisfying as day lilies—they bloom in late spring and early summer, just as the spring flowers are fading, and provide color for many weeks into the sum...

JUNE 13, 2014 | FRIDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Removing Paint From Concrete

If you’ve ever dripped paint on your sidewalk or changed your mind about that coat of paint you put on a concrete planter, you know how tough it can be to remove paint from concrete. Here...

JUNE 12, 2014 | THURSDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Fire Escape Ladders

Here’s a dismal statistic: According to the Home Safety Council, just 6 percent of U. S. homes have a fire escape ladder. Apparently, a lot of us have some shopping to do!Listen to BOB VI...

Bob Vila Radio: Lilac Pruning

If you didn’t prune your lilacs right after they bloomed, you still have a little time left, but don’t delay: Pruning them too late can take off next year’s blooms. Here’s what you need t...

Bob Vila Radio: New Designs for Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has always been efficient, since it takes up no space at all in a room. Over the years, as a variety of new trim kits appeared on the market, recessed lighting became ev...

JUNE 3, 2014 | TUESDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Vinyl vs. Linoleum

Homeowners often refer to vinyl and linoleum interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. These resilient floor coverings are made from different materials and have distinct selling ...

MAY 30, 2014 | FRIDAY
Bob Vila Radio: USDA Zone Maps

Farmers and gardeners alike are familiar with the USDA plant hardiness zone map, which divides the country into growing regions based on their typical winter minimums. Listen to BOB VILA ...

MAY 29, 2014 | THURSDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Stripped Screws

Inserting or removing a screw is one of the simplest jobs there is. But a stripped screw head can turn a simple job into a real head-scratcher. Here’s what you need to know to remove a sc...