Sandi Schwartz


Sandi Schwartz is an environmental author and journalist with 20+ years of experience in the areas of sustainability, green living, home and garden, and nature. She has worked for organizations and publications including the Environmental Protection Agency, National Academies, District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation (DDOT), One Green Planet, Green Child Magazine, Very Well Family and more.

Connect with Sandi Schwartz on LinkedIn or visit her website.

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Why You Should Care That the Monarch Butterfly Population Is Dwindling

For the first time, the monarch butterfly has entered the endangered species list due to its dwindling numbers. With its black veins, orange and yellow wings, and white spots, the monarch...

JULY 29, 2022 | FRIDAY
What Is Banana Water and Is it Actually Good for Plants?

Q: I recently saw a viral video recommending that gardeners make banana water for plants. Is banana water an effective natural fertilizer that can help my garden flourish? What are its be...

JULY 29, 2022 | FRIDAY
8 Things to Know Before Buying a House in a Wildfire-Prone Region

Wildfires can wreak havoc on entire communities instantaneously. Unfortunately, wildfires are getting more intense and frequent due to climate change, with recent years seeing record-brea...

JULY 26, 2022 | TUESDAY
10 Innovative Materials Poised to Make Home Building More Sustainable

Not only is sustainability in vogue, but it is becoming more critical as climate change and other environmental issues are being felt more widely. You can make a difference by choosing su...

JULY 25, 2022 | MONDAY
Water Restrictions Are Expanding—What That Means for Your Home and Garden

As wildfires rage, droughts persist, and heat waves impact much of the country, water restrictions are becoming more common. The extreme drought currently affecting the southwestern Unite...

JUNE 20, 2022 | MONDAY
The Best Place to Hang Bird Feeders for Safety and Optimal Viewing

Birdwatching is a lovely way to experience wildlife in a safe, captivating way. It is also a relaxing and gratifying hobby since you know you are providing food and fresh water to a varie...

JUNE 10, 2022 | FRIDAY
Throngs of Home Buyers Have Relocated to Drought-Stricken Regions—What That Means for the Water Crisis

Many people spend their lives dreaming of retiring to a warmer climate, but some are getting more than they bargained for in the Southwest. Parts of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Calif...

MAY 23, 2022 | MONDAY
Why You Should Care About Extreme Drought in the Southwest, Even if You Don’t Live There

You may recall learning about the 1930s Dust Bowl in history class. Droughts come and go, but the extreme drought currently affecting the southwestern United States is the longest continu...