Tara Seboldt


Name: Tara Seboldt

Tara Seboldt is a freelance writer who has covered home finance and insurance topics for BobVila.com since August 2022. She’s worked as a financial freelance writer for 5 years. Before writing full time, Tara worked in the financial industry.

Expertise and Experience

Tara started her career as an in-house copywriter at a web design agency. She then moved into the financial planning space where she found a passion for helping people understand their money. In 2018, she became a full-time freelance writer specializing in personal finances and insurance. She and her husband have owned multiple homes, giving her firsthand experience in the process of buying and selling a house.

As a writer, Tara has extensive experience covering homeownership, including the buying process. She especially enjoys writing about first-time homeownership. Her past work helps both new and experienced home buyers secure the best mortgage for their next home. Tara’s work has also helped her become an expert in the area of home insurance. Her insurance-related articles make it easy for homeowners to understand how home insurance works and how to find the right mix of coverage and affordability.

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